Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 9/7/19

Dear Diary,

There’s a lot to cover this week, so let’s just jump right in. (And no, none of this week’s drama has anything to do with a new resident, sadly…)

Gabi kicked the week off with another attempt to move. Look, even if we had gotten a new resident to replace Nana, there’s no way I’m going to willingly let Gabi go anywhere. She’s my only remaining original friend in this town so she’s stuck here for the duration.

I enjoy Lopez’s subtle hints about how he wants to move in with me. (I mean, I assume he wants to move into my giant mansion and not move me into his tiny abode!) Of course he was just looking for something new for his room, so I gave him a knight. This will resurface later in the week… wait for it.

I was slightly confused when I was strolling around doing my rounds and noticed that a whole bunch of my hybrid tulips outside the police station had withered and died off. That’s just crazy because every single day I walk all over town and water any wilting flowers. So this should never have happened. I’m seriously starting to thing Geneva is cursed now.

Monday was Labor Day, so I snapped a picture of myself in the silly cutout and got my picnic basket from Isabelle. I do like seeing her in her more casual clothes. She should relax more.

I was getting used to people starting to call me “chap” but then Tiffany came up with “Little C.” It makes me sound like a rapper or something, but whatever. I can’t say no to my favorite hooker bunny!

Bones seemed like the type of animal who would really fit in here in Geneva, but I once again chose not to invite him to move in. If that would even work at this point, who knows? I’m seriously waiting to see how long it takes for someone to move in of their own volition. It’s taking forever.

In the middle of the week, I swung into Re-Tail at the end of the day as you do to sell off the fossils, fruit, and whatever else I’d filled my pockets with. And much to my surprise, Lopez was apparently not that happy with the knight I’d selected for his home, and had already put it up for sale. How rude! He knows I come in here every day!

Later in the week, Monty took his turn to try and move. But again, no. Sorry, dude. You’re stuck here until March, unless you want to try and sneak out in the night when I’m asleep. Ask me permission and I’m going to say no. Every time.

I found Quillson’s reasoning for wanting to bury a time capsule super sweet, but unfortunately I completely screwed it up. See, I was already trying to find the owner of a missing bag at the same time and I got so obsessed with tracking that person down that I completely forgot I had the time capsule on me and hadn’t buried it. When I realized the next day, I actually time traveled to go bury it, but it didn’t work. Seems that you have to bury the time capsule not just that day, but during that visit. Save and leave and it’s already too late. Worse still, that trip reminded me why I absolutely never time travel unless it’s absolutely positively necessary. Because those vanished flowers from earlier in the week? Now I’ve got a whole lot more. Like I never watered anything during the day before. Don’t mess with the fabric of reality. Time travel always screws everything up. Sigh.

On the plus side, Butch took a shine to that knight so at least I know it’s going to the home of someone who actually wants it! Silver linings and all that…



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