Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 9/5/20

Dear Diary,

Well, summer has come and gone and I feel like I barely took the opportunity to enjoy it. But as a new month begins, it means all kinds of fun new activities and don’t forget about new bugs and fish to catch! The fun never stops on Xanadu!

So I was a little annoyed that someone named Kitty just suddenly moved in as soon as a plot of land was available, but maybe she won’t be so bad. She seems a little snooty, which is enjoyable. And to my surprise, she didn’t come from someone else’s island like the last bunch of neighbors. Maybe because I haven’t been visiting other islands a whole lot lately?

The last Sunday in October meant the last fireworks show of the summer. I didn’t bother to add any new designs this time. I figured I’d just go watch it. Unfortunately, I’ve become rather absentminded over the summer. I totally forgot to go back Saturday evening for a K.K. Slider concert and then on Sunday I nearly forgot about the fireworks! As you can see by the timestamp on my photo I was sitting there enjoying the show with everyone just before midnight. Glad Isabelle keeps it going into the wee hours! Sucks for anyone trying to go to sleep but I appreciate it!

As September began, Isabelle announced that there would now be pine cones and acorns you could shake off the trees to collect and use as crafting materials. She gave me the recipe for a “Tree’s bounty little tree” DIY but I still haven’t been able to craft it because I can’t find enough pine cones. After the first day, I was still missing a few, and I’m still missing one. It’s weird. I keep shaking all the trees but nothing comes out. Occasionally a coin or a once in a while a piece of furniture, but no pine cones. Hrm. Of course, the other problem is that I have to make sure I’m stocked up on medicine in case I can’t catch the wasps that often fall from the trees!

Kitty only just got to the island and she’s already making trouble. Of course, Genji thought he was the one who upset Kitty and asked me to deliver a present to make it up to her. Not sure why he thought she’d like a fishing vest, but I guess she did. I honestly don’t think it suits her but I told her it was nice anyway. And either way, I smoothed things over so that’s the important part.

Mom sent a letter which read: “My dear Chris, Ah, that brief time of year when nature is too indecisive to be either too hot or too cold. If only my own indecisiveness was this enjoyable! Should I bring a jacket, or no? — Mom.” She also included Mom’s cushion, which is super cute with hearts all over it. I put it next to my record player so I have someplace nice to sit while listening to my albums.

The beginning of a new month means new fish and bugs to catch, although I’ve only caught a few new bugs so far. No new fish, and I haven’t been diving yet so nothing there, either. I’m sure I’ve missed some summer bugs that disappeared at the end of August, but it’s okay. I can try again next year. I’ll be here!

Gulliver washed ashore towards the end of the week and I actually had a bit of trouble finding his communicator pieces this time around. For some reason, I kept digging up clams instead. Super annoying. But eventually I got five communicator parts and got Gulliver on his way. And the next day I was excited to find he’d sent me a Sphinx, but it’s not what you’d call actual-size. Still kind of cool, I suppose.

To finish off the week, I had another visit from Label. She wanted a theatrical outfit, but gave me some random top I didn’t want to coordinate with. I thought about wearing my comedian’s jacket because it’s all sequins and sparkly but wasn’t sure I had enough to pair with it so I went with a Vegas Elvis look. I wasn’t crazy about my footwear selection but I guess I picked right because Label was impressed and gave me a Labelle cap as a reward. Woot!