Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 9/30/23

Chris Eades
3 min readSep 30


Dear Diary,

For a change, it was an extra-quiet week on Xanadu. Although to be fair, that’s pretty much my own fault. Let me explain…

Last week I had made a mental note of the Bug-Off on Saturday and since I was going to be around Saturday afternoon for a change, I thought I would participate again. However, the day got away from me and when I finally got around to doing my errands, it was nearly 7 and the Bug-Off was long over. Flick asked me how I enjoyed it, just reminding me that I didn’t participate this time. And since summer is over, there won’t be another one until next year! Oops! On the plus side, I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten every reward I can out of Flick. As far as I know, there’s no trophy above gold. (But since he comes all the way here, I figure it’s only polite to at least go a few rounds in each Bug-Off!)

I did a lot better prepping for Apple’s birthday. I had seen the reminder on the bulletin board and I kept reminding myself of it and checking the store each day for anything I could get her for a present. Unfortunately, as her big day approached, I still hadn’t seen anything that caught my eye so I just went ahead and ordered her a pink dollhouse from the catalog. She absolutely loved it and the next day when she sent a thank you card, she also sent along her picture! Now, Apple was one of my very first residents on the island, so I’ve had Apple’s picture for quite some time. But it’s always nice to have that friendship cemented even further. (Of course, this means now that I’m probably never going to let her move away!)

At the end of a very quiet week, Isabelle’s announcement mentioned we’d see shooting stars in the evening so I made a point of going back out when the sun went down to make some wishes and find Celeste. She gave me a DIY recipe for an asteroid, and while I was happy it wasn’t a duplicate, I was honestly hoping for something I could add to the astrology room I created in my house for more HRA points. That corner of the island where I keep putting all the space stuff is getting really crowded. There wasn’t really room for the space shuttle. I guess I’ll just have to make the asteroid and see how big it is before I decide where it would look best…