Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 9/3/22

Chris Eades
4 min readSep 3, 2022


Dear Diary,

Well, this week was a bit of a disappointment. Sure, I learned some new stuff, enjoyed fireworks, and reunited with an old friend… but I failed in my mission because time ran out and now I have to wait until next year!

The week kicked off with a Bug-Off which I totally forgot about. I mean, it wouldn’t have helped me catch anything I’ve been hunting for to fill the museum, because those are serious nighttime bugs, but it would have helped me gain points towards a gold trophy. Oh well, next time! Of course, the next Bug-Off is going to come around before I have a chance to catch those bugs that only show up on coconut trees during the summer. Because this week, August came to an end, and I hadn’t caught any of them. Now I have to wait until next summer. At least I’ll have the entire window of months instead of just a week!

I couldn’t believe this was already the last fireworks show of the summer. It feels like they just started! I know I missed one, but it still feels like it flew by. So this time I actually wore my flower bopper Isabelle gave me and I relaxed on my hammock in the back yard and watched the fireworks go off overhead. I do so love fireworks…

I found Apple making a wooden box and it seemed like such a basic DIY recipe that I was kind of stunned to discover I didn’t already have it! Go figure! And then the very next day, Francine showed me how to make an unglazed dish set. I didn’t have that one, either! Of course, while the week started off great, that was basically it. Everything else was a repeat from then on.

I have to say, though, I was kind of taken aback the next day when Apple told me she was thinking about moving away. I know I would like some new blood on the island, but I just can’t bring myself to say goodbye to Apple because she’s one of my OG’s. And she’s an adorable pink hamster. I can’t say goodbye! Not yet! (And honestly, maybe not ever!)

I was pleased to see an old friend show up at the campsite. And I like Butch’s new look. He’s kind of… butching it up, so to speak! I remember when he lived in my last town, he wore shirts that were so long they kind of looked like dresses. I do enjoy him and was tempted to invite him to live here on Xanadu, but then I remembered that I wanted new blood on the island. Sorry, Butch! (But I’m pretty sure I have your card so I can still call you up if I change my mind!)

Gullivarrr washed ashore this week, and I found it kind of amusing that he did so right at the spot by the pier where I have a bunch of the pirate stuff he gave me. But I still let him sleep it off. I just wasn’t in the mood to go diving for his phone. Let somebody else deal with it this time, I figured. And I assume somebody did and he got home okay because he wasn’t there the next day. (Well, unless he just got washed out to sea!)

As September stared, the new month meant another letter from Mom. “Dear Chris,” she wrote. “Ah, that brief time of year when nature is too indecisive to be either too hot or too cold. If only my own indecisiveness was this enjoyable! Should I bring a jacket, or no?” Enclosed was another of Mom’s cushions, but I was kind of disappointed to find that I already had this one from the other year. Maybe she forgot she already made this design? Oh well! She is getting on in years…