Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 9/26/20

Dear Diary,

Lots going on this week so let’s not waste any time!

So it turned out that my reward for helping Gulliver was this Kaffiyeh. It’s cool and all, but it doesn’t go with my pirate treasure robe so… thanks but it goes into storage for now.

This time I made sure to stop by and say goodbye to the departing island resident. I felt so awful last time when I forgot. I mean, it’s just Coach, so who cares, really, but still… doesn’t hurt to be polite!

This week I decided to let K.K. Slider pick a tune to play based on my mood. I told him I was a little grumpy, so he decided to cheer me up with some “Surfin’ K.K.!” Gotta admit, it worked. And I put the song into the record player over by the beach and now instead of singing “Steep Hill” all the time, Shari now sings “Surfin’ K.K.” in the plaza! I especially enjoy when she wears her red sequin jacket to perform. It’s just perfect!

I popped in to see Kiki and found her feeling under the weather. Thankfully, I still have some medicine on me even though I’ve mostly given up shaking trees for now. So she was very grateful for the meds and gave me a soccer-uniform top as thanks.

Label was hanging out in the plaza again and looking for the perfect fairy tale look. Thing is, she gave me another vampire costume. Ugh. I had originally intended to put on a suit of armor, but then realized I only actually had the helmet. Sigh. However, as I was trying to accessorize a fairy dress as another potential option, I realized I had the full jester costume to try. And that scored big! I got a special reward of a Labelle hat because she was so impressed with my fashion skills. And then I decided to keep the outfit on for a while because it’s kind of creepy.

I saw that the plot of land where Coach’s house had been was sold to Clay and I was looking forward to meeting him because I didn’t know the name. I’m not sure if those are tattoos on his face or if he’s wearing a mask, but he seems cool enough. I’m also super curious about his furniture given that his walls and floor are all dirt (or clay, I suppose… get it?). But every day since he moved in this week he’s been out and about so I haven’t had a chance to pop in. Can’t even peek through the windows because of the curtains!

Naturally, the same exact day that Clay moved in, we had a camper. Not sure how they always time it that way. I never get a camper when there’s an opportunity to invite them to stay. It’s always the same day that the empty plot has been sold or the new person has already moved in. Although I don’t know if I would’ve invited Cashmere anyway…

This week was Apple’s birthday and I just couldn’t figure out what to get her for a present. I never saw anything I liked at the shops, and then the day came and it was too late to order anything. So I went into my storage and pulled out a Papa panda then went to buy some wrapping paper to make it presentable. I chose it because it was pink, so I figured Apple would love it. I wasn’t thinking about how much it costs… mostly because it came from my storage, so I didn’t remember. But she was suitably impressed. Her enthusiasm was strong enough I didn’t mind the next day when she thanked me with some steampunk glasses that are kind of lame (also I already have a pair).

I have to admit I was slightly surprised to see that Clay was Apple’s birthday guest, given that he had just moved in the day before. I guess the two little hamsters really hit it off? But chatting with him at the party made me think that Clay could wind up being a favorite because the little guy has a bit of a dark side. I love it! (Although I did worry I might spark some PTSD in him given what I was wearing at the time he told me the story…)

At the end of the week, Gullivarrr washed ashore and I was very happy that I found his phone on my first dive attempt. That was quick! And the next day, he sent me the pirate hat, so naturally I had to change back to my pirate treasure robe, pirate boots, and accessorize with an eye patch to complete the look! Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!