Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 9/25/21

Dear Diary,

It was a relatively quiet week on Xanadu, but there was a lot of activity towards the end of the week and I even learned a few new things! Score! Although this week wasn’t without its share of disappointments…

There were some new limited-edition items for sale that were about to go off sale so I made sure to snatch them up. Just to have, see! I swore I already had a moon rug but apparently I didn’t, so I bought that, plus the Dango and Moon cakes for Moon Viewing Day. Plus the Songpyeon for the Chuseok festival. The rug is in my living room but I like to put the food out on display in my diner-style kitchen… at least until more food comes along and then they get replaced!

I was so excited to see that giant head statue for sale at Redd’s but then I took a closer look and realized it was smiling so it’s a fake. Dangit! That would have been awesome to have in my museum. Later, I checked the museum and it turns out I didn’t have that scenic painting on the left there yet. I wasn’t sure so I went to double check. But sadly, when I went back to Redd’s boat, I got a closer look and realized it was the same fake he’s been trying to peddle to me forever. Get it together, man!

Ever since summer ended, I could have been collecting acorns and pine cones but I haven’t been because I don’t have any new recipes to make with them. But this week I shot down a yellow balloon that happened to have a tree’s bounty mobile DIY recipe inside! Yay! I mean, it’s not the most interesting thing to make, but at least it’s something. Interestingly, I also found two more DIY recipes in bottles washed up on the beach this week that I didn’t already have — a terrarium and a dark wooden-mosaic wall. So that was cool. I always like learning new things!

I was surprised when Genji sent me a letter with a piece of artwork he’d found and wanted to pass on to me but when I brought the Detailed Painting to the museum I wasn’t particularly surprised when Blathers declared it a fake. Sigh. I mean, I pretty much expected that result, but I still had a glimmer of hope. Clearly Genji doesn’t know much about art, even if he does know what he likes!

The end of the week also brought Apple’s birthday, and I was surprised to see Zucker there. Guess he makes friends fast! (I also appreciated he was wearing a top hat so I didn’t have to look at that creepy stick coming out the back of his head…) I gave her a dolly as a present because she likes cute things, and she seemed happy enough with it. But I probably could have done better for one of my oldest friends on the island.

We also had a camper, and while Midge seems like a nice enough person, there’s no room at the inn, Midge. Also, I would really like to have more crankypants villagers living here on Xanadu. Shame you can’t request personality types!




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