Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 9/11/21

Dear Diary,

It was a pretty quiet week on the island although there were a few events of note. One that actually made me feel pretty terrible, though. So it wasn’t all good!

Well, it turns out that my reward for helping fish Gullivarrr’s phone out of the drink was a red pirate bandana. Unfortunately, I already have this color. So I guess the duplicates have begun. This is just going to make me leave him on the beach for someone else to deal with when I don’t actually have the spare time to go diving…

It’s always amusing to see some of the things my neighbors get up to in the plaza. This week, Apple, Harry, and Eunice were all lifting weights together while Francine was off on the other side doing tai chi. Francine always does her own thing!

Diva told me she was thinking about moving away and I wished her well. I have to admit, she never quite lived up to her name. But then I felt awful because it wasn’t until I walked by and saw the empty plot of land for sale that I realized I never actually popped into her place to say goodbye as she packed up! I’m a terrible friend!

Flick came by the island this week and I happened to have three monarch butterflies to give him so he could make me a sculpture of it for my butterfly garden. The problem is that now that it’s September, I’m beginning to think I’m not going to see some of the other species again until the spring.

I got a letter from Harry at the end of the week where he said he had this thing that was just collecting dust and he needed that dust for his dust collection so I could have the thing. And it turned out to be an Informative Stone, and unlike the one someone else sent me last year, this was the actual Rosetta Stone that I could display in my museum! Yay for another sculpture to help fill up that first area that’s been looking so empty for so long!

Gulliver washed ashore at the very end of the week and I had some time so I told him I’d go dig up his communicator parts again. But we’ll have to wait until next week to see if I get a new variation of something I already have or if it’s a complete duplicate… Cliffhanger!