Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 9/10/22

Dear Diary,

Well, I guess technically fall has started but the island is still so warm and sunny I’m going to enjoy the last gasps of summer. Even if it did rain a bit much at the beginning of the week.

I gotta say, they really should provide an awning or tent or something for K.K. Slider when it’s raining. I’m not saying that there was literally no audience for his show this week because it smelled like wet dog, but I’m not not saying that if you know what I mean…

Roald tried to leave again but I wouldn’t let him because he hasn’t given me his picture. That’s the ticket out of here, bud. Sorry! (Of course, the people who have given me their picture never seem to want to leave, though…)

I’m always surprised when I find a new DIY crafting recipe in a bottle on the beach. I feel like after all this time I should have found them all… but I guess not! And not only did I learn how to make a purple windflower crown, at the end of the week I also found a recipe for a fancy lily wreath!

Charlise seemed really excited about Xanadu but as soon as I heard her start talking about wanting to live here, I beat a hasty retreat. Sorry, but I like being the tallest person on the island…

When Roald challenged me to a treasure hunt, I happily agreed, hoping that maybe if I won, he’d reward me with his picture. Unfortunately, I didn’t find it in time. I thought I looked everywhere, but I just kept coming up with fossils. Weirdly, though, when I went to pop into the store, I saw another mark on the ground in front of it, and when I dug, I came up with the treasure! (I swear I looked around there, too!) I guess the other times I couldn’t find the treasure it had been hidden really well, because I didn’t realize it was still hanging around after the timer ran out. Of course, just because I found it didn’t mean I got a reward from Roald aside from congratulations on being persistent. Oh well!

Later in the week, I went to Harv’s island to do a little shopping and saw Tortimer was wearing his creepy Cornimer mask again. It’s that time of year! Of course, I’m not going to turn down free acorns. Less trees to shake means less wasp stings! Oh, and much to my delight, there was a day this week where I shot down like, three balloons, which is a lot. And better still, one of them had a DIY recipe for an acorn rug inside! I never find the special DIYs in balloons! Well, I mean, not never but hardly ever. You know what I mean!

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