Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 8/28/21

Dear Diary,

Another fun, relaxing week on Xanadu where I got some new(ish) items for my hoard… er, collection. Oh, and remember the other week when I was complaining about how I never get any DIY recipes out of the balloons? Well, I checked and it turns out that I already have all of the summer shell DIY recipes! That rug was the last one I didn’t have and I didn’t even realize it! So… yay, I guess?

Speaking of finishing a collection, I knew that when Gulliver gave me the DIY recipe for the golden shovel, that was the end of the new gifts he would give me for helping him out. But as expected, I started getting some variations, like this tan-colored tubeteika that came in the mail for my helping him at the end of last week.

I totally spaced and didn’t even visit the island last Sunday because I’d wanted to put it off until the fireworks started and then completely forgot about it. So I really wanted to see them this week. Unfortunately, I still couldn’t get anything great out of Redd’s crooked raffle. (I’m convinced it’s just as rigged as his fake artwork.) I got a boba mango tea, a ramune-soda frozen treat, boba milk tea, and a boba strawberry tea. So here’s a picture of me wearing the bulb bopper Isabelle gave me and eating my ramune-soda frozen treat on the bridge which has the best view of the fireworks. (When I’m turned towards them, not the camera, obviously!)

I was delighted to come out of my house and see that the sun was coming out as the rain was ending and there was a double rainbow in the sky! So pretty! I wonder if it’s good luck? (With me, probably not…)

Gullivarrr washed ashore in the middle of the week and I helped him retrieve his phone from the ocean depths so he rewarded me with another pirate dress. Thankfully, this was another color variant I didn’t already have. And sadly, once I run out of variants, I’m afraid I’m just going to have to leave those idiots laying on the beach for someone else to help.

Grr! I saw Cherry had something on her mind so I gave her a penny for her thoughts and she told me she was thinking of moving away! I know I complain I have a bunch of residents I’m not really close with, but Cherry happens to be one of the ones I think is pretty cool. So I asked her to stick around a while longer. Then maybe someone I wouldn’t mind saying goodbye to will decide to move.

Towards the end of the week, we had a camper, and I actually thought Rowan seemed pretty awesome. After a few conversations where he just wanted to play a game or make small talk, he finally suggested moving to the island. I told him he should totally move here, hoping he wouldn’t try to kick out someone I actually like, but to my surprise he turned me down flat! He claimed everyone on Xanadu was already swole and he was needed elsewhere. Rude.

I’ve been collecting butterflies so that when Flick comes by for a visit, I can have him create a model. I’m putting them all in the same area so it looks like a butterfly preserve. But just butterflies. I don’t need giant models of beetles or gross bugs like that! (No offense, Flick!)

Once again, Gulliver washed ashore at the end of the week. I helped collect his communicator parts so we’ll have to wait and see what he sends me this time around. The suspense is killing me! (okay, no, it isn’t, but I have to make him think I’m excited…)