Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 8/26/17

Dear Diary,

Busy week in Geneva! We had one new resident, two birthdays, and three attempted moves! (Well, one of those was actually the same person twice, but still…) Lots to cover, so let’s get going!

Nana kicked off the week by trying to move away, but I kept her around. Mostly because she’s one of my beloved monkeys, but also because her birthday is coming up later this week and it seems a shame for her to move and have to celebrate with complete strangers in her new town.

But before Nana’s birthday, it was my BFF Lopez’s big day. I got him a DJ turntable and he acted like it was the best present he’d ever gotten. And I think he was being genuine. He even told me he was thinking about getting something like this for himself. I was honored, because usually I choose the worst birthday presents for my friends.

We also got our new resident so Geneva is back up to 10. Unfortunately, it’s Frita, who I’m not entirely sure I’m going to warm to. I mean, I’ll totally give her a shot, but she just doesn’t seem like my type. Sorry!

Lopez decided that he wanted to start calling me C, which is pretty minimalist, and I’m pretty sure I’ve already been called, but sure, whatever floats your boat, buddy! Go for it!

One day I was walking around and I saw Anchovy and realized we hadn’t chatted in a while so I went to say hi. And whoa — Anchovy went all Alex Forrest on me! He won’t be ignored, Dan! Ha ha ha! But yeah, I can be kind of a jerk like that sometimes. I need to be chattier with my gang.

Of course, the literal day after Frita moved into town, Tabby showed up at the campsite. Tabby seems so much more Geneva’s type. I totally would’ve asked her to move in if Frita hadn’t taken the spot. Oh well! You win some, you lose some!

Then Gabi tried to leave town and I was glad I was able to talk her out of it. She’s my only original townsperson, so I need to try desperately to keep her around. Since this is the first town where people listen to you and don’t move anyway even when you try to stop them, I’m hoping that I can move out and still have at least one of my originals left.

Later in the week, it was Nana’s birthday, and I thought she might like the Papa panda that Deli had given me. But I was wrong. She tried to play it off but I totally saw she was not happy. I guess Lopez was a one-off because I’m back to giving crap presents again. Sigh…

I guess Nana really hated my birthday present because the very next day she told me she wanted to move far, far away! Can you believe the nerve! Also, I’m pretty sure that this might be the first time that someone has tried to move out twice in the same week. That’s rare! They usually try to spread it out among the different folks. Guess Nana just wants out. Shame I had to tell her to stick around!