Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 8/13/22

Dear Diary,

This was a busy week on Xanadu, with a couple of campers, a bunch of new things to learn, a birthday party, and some seasonal fun. Oh, and I made another best friend! Go me!

Isabelle had been reminding me for days that we were going to have fireworks every Sunday nights during August, so I made a point to definitely catch the first show. Now, I can’t guarantee that I’ll remember the next few weeks, but at least I got to enjoy one! Isabelle gave me another star bopper hat, but Francine gave me a sparkler, which is always fun to play with!

Usually I’ll do my errands during the day and come back at night for the show, but that’s when I forget about it entirely. So I didn’t even come out of my house until after the fireworks started. Which meant I had to pick weeds, pick up fallen branches, dig up fossils, and whatever else in the dark. But I still spotted a bottle on the beach that held a new recipe! Now I can make a golden wristwatch! Fancy! (If only you could wear it instead of just leaving it on display…)

I also learned a couple of new cooking recipes this week. First, Francine taught me how to make fish-and-chips which… oh my God, I haven’t had quality fish and chips in so long! Then a couple of days later, Zucker showed me a recipe for a carrot bagel sandwich. That doesn’t sound quite as delicious…

I found Genji looking rather preoccupied and he admitted he was weighing his options and wondering if he should move away. As always, I told him no, because his house is the centerpiece of this corner of my island. I am not going to redecorate! Sorry, bud, but you’re stuck here for the duration!

The first of Xanadu’s two campers this week was Ellie, who seemed nice enough if a bit boring. Although I don’t know how I feel about someone who can wear a sweater during the dog days of summer! This tent did not have air conditioning!

I had bought a metal pot on Redd’s boat this week because it was a color I didn’t already have. Naturally, it was a little more expensive than it would have been at Nook’s Cranny, but I wanted the variation for my catalog. But then I decided to gift it to Zucker on a whim and he responded by giving me his picture, so it was definitely worth the extra bells! Yay!

This week was also Ace’s birthday. I had bought a simple vanity for him because it matched the color scheme of his home but then as I went to his party I began to wonder if maybe he already had one. Of course, with the house all redecorated for the party, none of his usual furniture was around, so I couldn’t confirm one way or the other. Oh well. He seemed to like the present anyway!

At the end of the week, T-Bone was camping, and I immediately thought he seemed pretty cool. And surprisingly, when I spoke to him, he immediately talked about moving to Xanadu. That was quick! Unfortunately, when I told him he should move here (I figured if he wanted to kick out someone cool I would just back out of the deal at that point), he decided he wanted to play a game to decide. And because I guessed a red card and it was black, T-Bone will not be moving to the island. Oh well!

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