Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 7/4/20

Dear Diary,

Well, like I said, it was the calm before the storm. This was a busy week learning new things and being able to do all-new activities on the island! So let’s not waste any more time and jump right in…

So as promised, Flick showed up for the first Bug-Off of the year. Like the fishing tourney, you get three minutes to catch as many bugs as you can. Although this is a lot easier because there are bugs everywhere and you catch them with a quick swish of your net. No searching for shadows and then waiting for the fish to bite. And just like the fishing tourney, the first round is free, and then it’s 500 bells for each other time you want to try. But I don’t really see the point in charging because selling Flick the bugs you caught the previous round will net you thousands of bells, so 500 doesn’t make any difference. I don’t see how Flick makes any money out of this endeavor. I guess he just does it for the love of the bug!

Once again, I didn’t have all day to earn every prize in the Bug-Off, but like the fishing tourney, I’m hoping you don’t start over at the beginning the next time. Although I had a little more time because catching bugs was faster. So I earned some nifty prizes, including an artisanal bug cage (which weirdly acts as a closet to change clothes with), a bug wand, a butterfly backpack, a bug aloha shirt (which I’m wearing in this pic covered by the backpack), and a butterflies wall.

This week, Apple taught me the Mischief Reaction as well as the Aggravation Reaction. And Genji taught me how to sneeze. Which isn’t really an appropriate thing to be doing in public right now in the other world, but on the island, it’s all good!

I’ve had the occasional camper but Ricky was the first one in a while that I wished I had room for. I didn’t bother trying to invite him because I tried it before with some people and they never showed up. The only people who have eventually moved to my island are randos I talked to on my friends’ islands. None of the campers have ever shown up. Wish they would, though!

I had a letter from my mom that read: “My dear Chris, The cicadas cry into the morning light, awakening the world with their cacophonous symphony. Your mother cries out as well, lamenting her lack of sleep. Less sleep, more snuggles? — Mom” And with her weird poem, she sent me this equally weird stuffed animal. I don’t know what one thing has to do with the other, unless this is what she was snuggling while unable to sleep because of the cicadas? I’ve given up trying to figure her out anymore.

This week was also the first time one of my friends asked me to catch something for them. Thankfully, the horned dynastid is relatively common, so I didn’t have too much trouble finding one. Lots of bugs on the trees now that July has started. I was happy to do Sherb the favor even if all I got in exchange was a folding chair he said was “perfect for me.” Um, whatever, Sherb…

Label was back, and while I don’t have a photo of the “goth” outfit I put together, it doesn’t matter because it wasn’t very good. She gave me another vampire jacket to add to and while I wore all the black stuff I had, it wasn’t goth enough, I guess because all I got was a tailor ticket in the mail the next day. And just the one! I’ll have to try harder next time! (And maybe buy some goth stuff for the future in case she asks again. I feel like this is the second time she’s given me this category.) Also, this isn’t the time for goth. It’s July, hence my Midsommar realness.

Even though Opal just adopted the “tater tot” nickname with my permission earlier in the week, Apple decided she’d come up with another one. Although it sounds like she thought of “jetsetter” while in the moment, but I guess it’s okay.

So they decided on Thursday evening that they were going to open up the ocean for swimming, but unfortunately, the mask and goggles they sent me in the mail with the notification wasn’t enough to let you swim. And it was so late the shops weren’t open so I could buy a wetsuit and get into the water to see what was making those bubbles you see on the left side there. So I had to wait until Friday to really enjoy it.

It was pouring rain, but that wasn’t going to stop me from buying this cute striped swimsuit and hitting the waves! I went swimming all around the island and dove for all kinds of different treasures. The first of each naturally went to the museum, as Blathers was all excited to see what kinds of sea creatures I could bring him. Then the rest I sold, though they don’t seem to be worth much so far.

When I brought up a scallop, Pascal popped up out of nowhere and spied on me. Then he swam right over and asked if he could have it. Not for free, mind you. He gave me a DIY recipe for a Mermaid Table in exchange for it. Then he laid some of his classic wisdom on me, which I loved. I’d missed this guy. And while I felt bad that I’d want to keep the next scallop I found for the museum, it didn’t matter because when I did find one, Pascal didn’t show up. So I’m assuming he’ll only beg you once a day. Which makes sense. Don’t want to be pushy!

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