Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 7/30/21

Dear Diary,

I kind of blew it this week. I totally forgot about the Bug Off. And here I was hoping to get more points so I could eventually earn myself a gold trophy. Oh well… next time! Other than that, it was another fun week on Xanadu!

Zucker told me he was thinking about moving but I haven’t gotten his picture yet so he’s not going anywhere. Not until he gives me his picture, anyway. If only they would understand that, they’d be able to leave when they like. Sorry!

I was weirdly excited to find a rope partition for sale at Nook’s Cranny so I could have a proper velvet rope for my island disco. I had been using a rope fence, but this is so much better. I should probably take it to Harv’s island and get it customized to a better color because the blue is kind of lame. I’d rather have red, which is the correct color for a velvet rope!

This week on Harv’s Island, I bought a bunch of stuff from Sahara but I even found a couple of things to buy from Kick’s. Although I have to say that for 14,000 bells, I was hoping that the jet pack would actually work. Boo… It doesn’t even light up or anything! Lame.

Isabelle had said there would be shooting stars one night this week and I very nearly forgot about it once the sun set! Thankfully, I remembered, and was able to find Celeste and get a DIY recipe for a Leo sculpture. Although I only had time to wish on a couple of stars before I had to go.

I guess I’ve gone to Harv’s Island enough to earn enough frequent flier miles to get this DAL apron. Another souvenir! Yay! I can wear it when I cook, I suppose. I’d probably earn these items faster if there were other islands to visit but these days, the only place I go is Harv’s.

At the end of the week, we had a camper at the campsite. And while Bella seemed like a nice enough girl, she had crazy eyes. Like, a very intense look… all the time. So while I kind of like that weirdness and would enjoy having her on the island, it might have been a bit much!

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