Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 7/25/20

Dear Diary,

Um, this week in Xanadu, there isn’t all that much to talk about because I totally blew it multiple times on multiple fronts. I kept forgetting to do things and then it was too late. I caught a gar for the first time and then accidentally sold it with all the other stuff in my pockets and it took all week before I managed to catch another one! Let’s just say this was not a good week for me. Although I did finally give in to Flick’s not-so-subtle pressure to get me to commission a piece of bug art from him. I got a tiger butterfly and put it by the flowers outside my house. It looks nice… even if I occasionally want to try and catch it!

K.K. Slider had a better audience than usual as Genji and Coach were hanging out watching him jam. I requested “Farewell,” which is just a lovely tune. Then after he was done, K.K. started jamming and it was a song I like, so I hung out some more. Well, at least until a balloon floated by and I rushed to go shoot it down! Sorry for interrupting, dude!

So Rizzo asked me to deliver a present to Shari, and I think he might be a little sweet on her. It’s cute, really. The gift was a silver mic, which Shari seemed very excited about. (She actually called it her “one weakness.”) So if my little errand can help spark a little love connection on the island, I’m more than happy to do it!

Kiki came up with the nickname “butterbean,” and honestly, it’s probably the best one these folks have come up with yet, so I told her I’m fine with it. And it’s started to spread around the island, which is good. Better than “guru!”

Gulliver washed ashore, and he seemed to be back to his usual frantic self instead of that weird alternate pirate personality he had last time around. Unless that was actually a separate person, but come on… two seagulls that get washed overboard constantly? Anyway, I went ahead and dug up the communicator parts for Gulliver, but then completely spaced and forgot to give them to him! The next day, he was gone so I guess his mates found him anyway, but I felt kind of terrible. Although the communicator parts had all turned into rusted parts, which are rare crafting goods, so… win/win?

Towards the end of the week I was a little taken aback that Apple wanted to move away. She’s not an original original resident but she’s the first one I recruited, so she holds a special place in my heart. Also, she’s just a really cute pink hamster, so I kind of love her. I don’t have any other cute perky residents, so I couldn’t lose the only one I have. Sorry, Apple — better change your plans!




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