Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 6/8/24

Chris Eades
4 min readJun 8, 2024


Dear Diary,

This week we had a party, but that’s not all! I also got a present and met a couple of new people, including my new neighbor!

To kick things off, I wasn’t two steps out of my house before my phone rang and Harvey asked me to come to his island to shoot wedding photos of Reese and Cyrus again. Sigh. Look, I didn’t do the May Day trip to the maze so do not expect me to show up and do all that work for Reese and Cyrus. I’ve taken lovely photos of them in the past. They can just use one of those.

As it was the beginning of a new month, Mom sent me the summer letter about how she enjoys the fireflies but that’s when the mosquitos attack. Not sure what it has to do with mosquitos, but she sent me another Mom’s homemade apron. This one is green with a cute tree pattern. Not going to be much protection from mosquitos, though!

I feel really bad that Camofrog has only just moved to Xanadu and he’s already caught something. But luckily, I always have some medicine on me so I was able to get him fixed up in no time so he can enjoy the island again. We’ve only just met, so he thanked me with a baseball uniform. It’ll be a while before I see his picture.

It’s been really warm, so I decided that I would switch to shorts and then while browsing my wardrobe, decided to go for a retro ’70s look with my rock T-shirt, cutoffs, and red, white, and blue socks.

I was surprised at how long it took for someone to buy Apollo’s empty plot of land, but eventually I saw a sign that Patty was on her way. I didn’t recognize the name, so I was excited to meet her. She’s very cute and bubbly, and I fear she may occasionally be a lot, but hopefully only occasionally. I do like the way her home interior is decorated like a back yard. It’s cute.

Later in the week, it was Camofrog’s birthday, so I was glad I gave him medicine so he was feeling better for all the cake and ice cream. (And also so he didn’t give the cold to any of his guests!) I wasn’t sure what to get him, but he obviously likes nature. So I saw a medieval building side on sale in the store, I bought that for him and wrapped it up. He was surprised but seemed to like it well enough, I suppose. I also love how Camofrog dressed in his best Sunday suit and wore that dopey birthday cake hat. It’s definitely a look! (Oh, and as a thank you gift the following day, he sent me a conductor’s cap.)

Wrapping things up, we had a camper visiting Xanadu, and Sydney seemed pretty nice. I hope she enjoyed her stay because there’s no room for anyone else right now. Sorry!

Finally, I found a bag on the ground and Robin was nearest to me so I asked her first. It wasn’t hers so I couldn’t cement that friendship, but I got excited when she told me it belonged to Ace. Unfortunately, when I tracked him down to return his bag, my reward was a short-sleeved uniform top. Sigh. I’m beginning to think Ace doesn’t like me at all.