Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 6/27/20

Chris Eades
4 min readJun 27, 2020


Dear Diary,

Aside from one major accomplishment, this was a pretty quiet week in Xanadu. But we’re building up to some big fun next week, so it’s the calm before the storm!

I was absolutely floored when I went to have Blathers assess my daily haul of fossils and he said there was something there the museum didn’t already have! I knew I was only missing one more piece of the Iguanadon, and completing that display meant that all of the fossils have been found! I got super excited… for about five seconds before I discovered that completing the fossil collection doesn’t actually get you anything besides Blathers’ gratitude. Seriously? Not even a plaque or anything? Rude.

Now that I have my basement installed I can finally get to work on my game room. It’s still a bit sparse now, but over time it’ll fill up with all kinds of crazy stuff!

Flick stopped by the island, but unfortunately, that was the day that it was pouring rain, so there weren’t a whole lot of bugs to be found. Why couldn’t his partner, C.J., show up in a rainstorm? Then I’d catch all kinds of great fish to help make some bells to pay off that two-million-plus mortgage on my house! Flick also mentioned the Bug-Off that was posted on the bulletin board at the top of the week. I hope the rules are a little less complicated than the fishing tournament…

The fact that someone will be crafting something in their home every day makes me pay visits to almost everyone in the hunt for a new DIY recipe (even though at this point I’m getting like, 99% duplicates). And it’s good because this way I also stumble upon people who are at home sick in their pajamas. Like Rizzo, who I helped out with some medicine I had on me. He gave me a gym tee to say thanks, but just keeping my island disease-free is all that really matters!

It seemed appropriate I learned the Pride reaction this month. I also learned Curiosity off of Apple. Oh, and I tried going into the design app on my phone to recreate my Pride T-shirt that I made back in my last town. But I just really suck at designing. It was supposed to be a rainbow star but it never looked like anything other than a five-pointed rainbow blob. Ugh. I tried over and over again with different methods but every time I just erased it and eventually gave up. I’m not very good at it. I should try to make something simpler, I suppose.

I actually forgot to go back in the evening on Saturday to get a song off of K.K. Slider, and then this week he showed up on Friday. I guess because the Bug-Off will be going on Saturday, and they’d overlap. Earlier, he had a few people watching him rehearse, but by the time I could make a request (I picked “Agent K.K.” this week), they’d all disappeared so it was a private concert.