Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 6/25/22

Dear Diary,

This was a quiet week on Xanadu. And I mean seriously quiet. Looking back on it, not a whole lot interesting happened. But I think I’m okay with that! It’s nice! And definitely a change of pace from the real world, that’s for sure!

Things kicked off when I learned the recipe for making a veggie sandwich from a bottle washed up on the beach. It was a fine start, but as the week went on, every single other recipe I found in bottles or received from my friends was one I already had. Oh well!

I saw that there was a maypole for sale in the Nook app, so I bought it because I don’t remember already having it. It’s already late June, but it’s still very nice and summery to put it up. And I dressed in my Midsommar realness outfit to pose with it!

I’ve had some shooting stars here and there but I haven’t seen Celeste in ages, so I was very excited when Isabelle mentioned in her announcements that a meteor shower was coming that evening. So as soon as the sun went down, I went out in search of Celeste, and found her up on one of the highest spots on the island enjoying the show. She gave me a recipe for some galaxy flooring, so I guess I did learn something other than the veggie sandwich this week after all!

Sasha wasn’t crazy about his “buddy” catchphrase, and I had to agree — we can certainly do better than that. So now I’ve got him saying “girlfriend.” Suits him to a T!



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