Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 6/15/24

Chris Eades
4 min readJun 15, 2024


Dear Diary,

This week on Xanadu I was the ultimate Good Samaritan doing good deeds left and right. So many I didn’t even include them all in this entry. I didn’t want to brag. The rewards weren’t what I was looking for, but I guess I should claim I’m not doing it for the rewards, right? Oh, and also, new resident Camofrog is getting off on the wrong foot…

Things started off with me checking in on Robin and finding her under the weather. Poor thing. As always, I have a stash of medicine on me for just such an occasion, so I fixed her up right quick. And did I finally get Robin’s picture for my troubles? No, I did not. What am I supposed to do with a viking top in this heat?

And once Robin was feeling better, she invited herself over to my place and I accepted. Anything for a friend, right? Thankfully, it was a quick visit. So quick I didn’t get a thank you gift in return. Sigh.

I got a pair of round shades off Robin after I gave her a little prezzie so I decided to regift them to Camofrog because I was curious if he could wear glasses with his bulby eyes. And lo and behold, he totally can! And he looks super cute in them, too! I doubt I’ll see him wearing them much but still… cute!

We had a camper and I was surprised to see my old neighbor Pinky. Now, I don’t even remember which town I was living in when she was my neighbor, and I don’t think she was around for too terribly long, so I guess that kind of explains why she didn’t remember me. I only barely remember her!

I saw Lopez wandering around lost in thought and was afraid he was thinking about moving away again so I offered him a penny for his thoughts. It turned out he had just come up with a new nickname for me. Now, I wasn’t crazy about “superstar” (a little too generic) but I’m not sure how I feel about “hashtag.” It feels just a little too trendy and weird. But I didn’t want to hurt Lopez’s feelings, he seemed so proud he thought it up. (I just hope it doesn’t spread around the island too much…)

I found a bag on the ground that turned out to belong to Ace so I was thrilled to be able to do my old friend another favor and get myself closer to cementing our friendship and becoming BFFs so he’d give me his picture. But that day was not today. Today I just got a tiny party cap. Sigh…

At the end of the week, I stopped by Camofrog’s place and was surprised to see that he was already hanging out with Lopez. Look, Camofrog… I like you, you’re adorable and cranky, but if you want to stick around Xanadu, I’m gonna need you to keep your paws off my man. Kapish?