Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 6/10/17

Dear Diary,

This week I had a couple narrowly-missed escapes, weird storage solutions, and a very special visitor! Read on for all the fun!

Things got off on the wrong foot this week when Nana tried to move away. But I’m not going to lose any of my monkeys. I love monkeys. And if I didn’t also love my bunnies and my BFF Lopez, I think it would be pretty awesome to have an entire town full of monkeys! Like Planet of the Apes! (But with monkeys because they’re way cuter than the apes…)

My friend Bucky asked if he could come visit because he needed signatures for a petition. I was kind of busy doing something else, but I was totally cool with opening my gate so he could pop over for a little bit. As I’ve said, I don’t bother with the petitions because it’s just too difficult to get the signatures most times. But if he wanted to help out one of his friends, I’m more than happy to help him!

Pippy asked if I wanted to come over and hang out, and since I’m trying to make Pippy one of my besties, I happily agreed. But while I was poking around her place, I opened her fridge and couldn’t quite figure out why she was storing a stripe chair in there. Not even sure how it fit! And then she let me take the chair with me since she obviously wasn’t using it. Heck, she’d forgotten it was even in there! (How you could not notice a chair every time you opened your fridge, I’ll never know!)

I’m always very careful as mayor to not only make sure the flowers are watered and the weeds are picked, but also to either dig up the pitfalls or sacrifice myself to activate them. Specifically so things like this don’t happen to my friends. Oops!

This week I finally started digging up fossils again. This has happened before, and I have no idea why. Just occasionally, for a few weeks or so, I never see any fossils to dig up. Not that I’m scouring the town for them, but you’ll usually see at least one in your general wanderings. But now they’ve started to appear again. I mean, I don’t need any more fossils for the museum, or the bells I get selling them off, but it just weirds me out when I don’t see them for a long stretch of time.

Lopez wanted an apple, but I guess the little queen didn’t want to mess up his pride tee that I designed picking one himself. So I happily went and got him an apple, and he was so happy about not ruining his wardrobe that he gave me his aroma pot to say thanks. Anytime, buddy!

And at the end of the week, Deli tried to move away as well. But as a monkey, he’s not going anywhere if I can help it. Just like I said before with Nana. No go!