Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 5/9/20

Dear Diary,

I’m still adjusting to island life. There are so many things here that are different than the last town I lived in. There, I used to love when it rained, because I didn’t have to worry about watering flowers. But here, flowers never seem to wilt so you don’t actually have to water them unless you’re trying to make them cross-pollinate and hopefully make hybrids. But after it rains, everything has been watered, so you end up with all kinds of extra flowers everywhere. And when some of those flowers are meant to encircle things (like the fountain in the picture above), it makes it look messy and I have to go dig up the flowers and replant them somewhere else on the island. So now rain means extra work!

I kicked off the week by finally doing the May Day island adventure Nook set up. It turned out to be a maze that was actually a bit tricky. I got stuck on my first try, and had to call rescue services to reset me at the beginning. It was my first time using it, so I was hoping to see Resetti, but no luck there. Everything went dark and then there I was back at the beginning for another try. The trick was correctly using the fruit and tools in combination to either uproot or chop down trees and break rocks to proceed through the maze. And at the end, there was Rover, who is an old friend from way back in the first town I ever moved to. As a reward, he gave me Rover’s briefcase, which I proudly displayed in my living room. There were also some bell tickets which was a nice bonus prize. Unfortunately, there was another area with more bell tickets but blocked by three rocks and I didn’t have the fruit left to break them. I probably could have tried doing the maze over again but at that point I was kind of over it!

At K.K. Slider’s Saturday night concert, he played me Imperial K.K., which I honestly thought I already had, but when I popped my free copy into my jukebox, I totally didn’t, so that was nice. It’s weird because I can buy songs each day so it’s not as special as when you used to only be able to get them from K.K. himself.

Genji was sick this week, and luckily I already had some medicine on me. And here, they seem to get better much quicker. Back in Geneva, you would have to wait as they got better over a couple of days. But here, he’s right as rain immediately and giving me a reward. Which was just an apron, but I don’t do this for the gift. I do it to keep my friends healthy.

Since it’s a new month, it means there’s some new fish and bugs to catch. The problem is that I’m not obsessive enough to check lists and see what’s in season to make sure I catch everything so I’m probably not going to. I rarely ever do. Some of the bugs and fish are only available at certain inconvenient times and I honestly don’t care enough to put in that much effort! (But I did catch a Coelacanth this week, during a day when it was raining!)

Reneigh tried to move away again this week and this time I decided to go ahead and let her. I actually kind of like her, but if she’s just going to keep pestering me to leave, I might as well give her my blessing. I don’t want to be a jailer like in my last town where I never let anyone go. I got too attached. I’ll try to be better here. Well, except for Lopez. I’ll never let him leave me!

Keaton came up with yet another new nickname for me. I guess Vitamin C wasn’t really working for him anymore. “Guru” isn’t amazing, but I guess it’ll do. And a couple days later, Sherb asked if he could use it, too, so it seems to be catching on.

Two days after Reneigh left, Agent S was camping on the island. He seemed taken with Xanadu so I invited him to move here. To my surprise, he was super excited about the idea and immediately went to Resident Services to see about arranging it. Unfortunately, there was no space for him. If only he’d camped one day earlier, it would have been perfect timing. Because this day was when Reneigh’s empty plot was sold to Flo. So no Agent S. I was so mad! I immediately decided I hated Flo and she hadn’t even moved in yet!

However, the following day when Flo had moved in and was cleaning and unpacking, I met her and actually think she might be kind of cool. Sigh. I mean, to be honest, I’ve already had Agent S as a neighbor before and while he’s cool and all, I’m trying to meet new people living in a new town. (Although to be doubly honest, I feel like I might have lived with Flo a couple towns ago for a bit but with my memory, who can be sure?)

I also had a visit from Redd towards the end of the week, and I wasn’t sure about any of the artwork he had on display. They all appeared to be fakes. But I’d heard the quaint painting was reportedly always genuine, so I went ahead and bought that one. But guess what? Turns out it can be fake because the one I bought totally was! And worse, the same day my art from Redd arrived in the mail, Lopez sent a letter that read: “I bet you’ve never seen art like this before! Neither have I, which is why I bought it for you. I’m dying to know what you think about it, how it makes you feel, how much you love it, etc.” Unfortunately, the Wild painting right half also turned out to be a fake, so I don’t think much of it, and it makes me feel kind of angry, so I don’t really love it! But I’m not going to tell Lopez that!




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