Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 5/27/23

Chris Eades
4 min readMay 27, 2023


Dear Diary,

I kept pretty busy this week on the island and ended up accomplishing something that I honestly would have thought I should have accomplished ages ago! Go figure…

Ace looked extra moody and it wasn’t because of the rain. It was because he was considering moving away. Naturally, I convinced him to change his mind. First, he only just got here, and second, he’s my oldest friend, going back all the way to the very first village I lived in. He just doesn’t remember that because I haven’t seen him since then. And that was a long time ago!

I was surprised to learn a new recipe this week. Everything else I found on the beach or being made by others were repeats, which is to be expected after all this time. And when I found Sasha making cookies, I naturally assumed I already had that recipe. But I didn’t! How did I not already have such a basic recipe as cookies? The world moves in mysterious ways…

This week is also annoying because it’s the annual Stamp Rally at the museum. As you know, I always dig up all the fossils I find as I make my rounds because I like to keep my island looking neat and clean. No branches on the ground, no weeds, no random flowers, and no holes in the ground. But during the Stamp Rally, you first have to listen to Blathers blather on about how you still haven’t collected all the stamps before you can actually get down to the business of identifying fossils. I don’t need those rewards anymore. They’re the same every year. It’s not worth it. Although, then again, maybe it would be worth it just to not have to sit through his spiel every time!

I did some favors for my neighbors this week, helping Coco unload a steampunk hat and settling the prank war between Lopez and Genji. But it was mid-week when I found a notebook that belonged to Genji that was the big deal. Normally, I would just be annoyed that it didn’t belong to someone new to help me cement our friendship. I’ve had Genji’s picture for years. But after I returned his notebook, I got a notification on my phone that surprised me!

I somehow hadn’t finished the “Smile Isle” Nook Miles card! I do so many favors for my friends that I would have guessed I’d done well past 300 of them. But apparently not! Apparently it takes quite a while. Who knew?

That same day I also came back out in the evening because Isabelle promised shooting stars. Of course, at first, I didn’t see a single one. But I did find Celeste down by the beach and she gave me a new celestial DIY recipe. Which is honestly the more important thing. But after hanging out in my yard for a while, eventually the shooting stars did start flying and then in greater frequency so I was able to make a bunch of wishes as well.

So the next day I had enough star fragments to make this nova light. It wouldn’t really go in my house anywhere with my current interior decorations, but it fits in pretty well with my space-themed corner with all the other stuff. It’s pretty!

And then, to wrap things up, Sasha invited me over to his house. He already gave me his picture recently, but I decided to pop over anyway just to be nice. And I had some free time on my hands. Plus, it’s always easier to end the visit when it’s not them in your house. We hung out, played a card game, and he gave me a school uniform with ribbon on the way out. Which worked out nicely because then Coco wanted to trade me for it later!