Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 5/25/24

Chris Eades
4 min readMay 25, 2024


Dear Diary,

This week was pretty busy but that’s because I went back to work. I also learned some new things, met a new friend, and caught up with an old one!

Isabelle kicked things off by announcing the Stamp Rally at the museum which I would love to just ignore but you can’t because every time you go into the museum to talk to Blathers and get some fossils appraised, he has to go on about the Stamp Rally and how there are still stamps I haven’t collected. I know. Because I did it the first time around and then the following year I found out that it’s just the same thing over again so I don’t bother. I just have to put up with Blather’s blathering in order to get my fossils checked out.

While wandering the beach to see who I wanted to help create a dream vacation home, I found a bottle in the sand and got a new DIY recipe! (I was disappointed to find some duplicates there before) I doubt I’ll ever craft a glowing-moss cave wall, but it’s still fun to have the option! If I didn’t like my basement rec room so much I would consider doing an underground cave…

I went with Walker because he’s cute and he just wanted a place to show off his bike. So he gets a little garage workroom with a hammock in the corner for when he gets tired. Hey, it’s not my bag, but whatever makes him happy! (And he was very happy!)

We also had a camper who I thought was just an adorable little pastel ball of fluff. Unfortunately, there’s no room for Good Judy Girlfriend on Xanadu right now. Sorry!

I caught Sherb thinking about moving away again but I convinced him to stay. He’s one of my oldest friends on the island and I don’t think I could do without him. Like Apple, Genji, and Lopez, he’s a lifer.

Lopez got into a prank war with Kitt, which doesn’t feel like something she would do, so I’m pretty sure it was all him. But I agreed to deliver his apology gift anyway to make things right again. She seemed very pleased with her bathrobe and gave me a nurse’s jacket as a thank you. As long as everybody’s happy!

This week I was surprised to find a bottle on the beach with a DIY recipe in it that I actually didn’t already have! I’m actually tempted to create some gold roses just so I can make a gold rose crown. Though I don’t know where I would ever wear anything so ostentatious!

At the end of the week, Kitt asked if she could come over and spend some time with me and I felt bad for her so I agreed. Also, since she was the recipient of Lopez’s apology gift, I was really doing a favor for him, not her. And I still need her picture, after all! I gave her a tour of all the rooms in my house and we played a card game. Sadly, I didn’t get her picture, just a school uniform with necktie.

I was suddenly hit by the urge to contact an old friend of mine, Anchovy, and invite him to the island. I chatted with him and he told me he would love a sauna heater so I went and made one for him and he gave me a gingham picnic shirt to say thanks. I’m not going to ask what he wanted a sauna heater for… Anchovy’s a bit weird.

Finally, we had some shooting stars above Xanadu. Isabelle mentioned it during her announcements so I made a note and went back later at night so I could find Celeste and get a new DIY recipe (hopefully). And it was new! It wasn’t great, but it was new! It was some sci-fi flooring, which doesn’t really go in my celestial room, but thanks anyway, Celeste. Maybe next time!