Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 5/21/22

Dear Diary,

Guess last week was the quiet before the storm because there was a lot going on this week! So let’s jump right in!

After quite a lull, I learned a bunch of new recipes this week, starting with an orange smoothie recipe I found in a bottle on the beach. Then I shot down a balloon and learned how to make a light bamboo bath mat. And that same day I visited my friend Rob’s island and he gave me a recipe for brown-sugar pound cake which sounds just delicious! Then later in the week I found a bottle with a recipe for potato curry inside. An embarrassment of riches!

I also got super lucky when Sherb sent me a letter with a proper painting enclosed and that just so happens to be one of the two pieces of art left to put up in the museum! And usually when my friends have gifted me art in the past they’ve been fakes, but this was the genuine “A Bar at the Folies-Bergére” by Edouard Manet! Amazing! One more to go!

I was surprised to hear Roald talking about moving away already. I know at first I didn’t really like him because he’s another boring jock, but he’s so adorable and I love how he softens his jock-ness with “darling.” As tempted as am was to let him go and invite Ace, I urged Roald to stick around a bit longer. I mean, he only just got here!

Look, if I’m being completely honest, “Gold star” is kind of a terrible nickname. But it’s better than “guru,” which is what Francine and a bunch of the others have been calling me for ages. Yeah, I know I could come up with my own suggestion but making up your own nickname is kind of sad, you know?

This week was Sasha’s birthday party and when I went to his party, I was not entirely surprised to see Roald enjoying himself there. I knew there was something going on between those two! I gave Sasha a simple wall shelf for a present because it was a nice turquoise that fits the color scheme of his home. He seemed weirdly enthusiastic about it. He’s an odd duck… er, rabbit!

We also had a camper at the end of the week, and Flora was actually kind of cool. She seems like a real cool chick. Unfortunately, there’s no room for her on the island right now. Shame.

One last thing: The museum is doing another of its annual Stamp Rallies, which is kind of annoying because before I can get Blathers to talk to me about donating pieces or taking a look at some fossils, I have to listen to his spiel about the Stamp Rally and how I haven’t done them all yet. The thing is, the stamp stations aren’t that informative or interesting and you just get the same plaques you got the last time. So there’s really no point anymore. Can’t wait until it’s over so Blathers stops going on about it all the time!




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