Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 5/20/23

Chris Eades
4 min readMay 20, 2023


Dear Diary,

It was another fun week on the island of Xanadu. Well, except for the part where I had to shell out a whole lot of bells because of my hoarding… That wasn’t that much fun, if I’m being honest!

Things kicked off with some shooting stars that Isabelle announced. But when I went looking for Celeste, she was nowhere to be found. And I looked everywhere. So I just made a bunch of wishes and got a bunch of star fragments the next day. It just always feels so lame when you don’t get a cool new DIY recipe at the same time!

Coco invited herself over and I agreed to it because I’m still trying to cement our friendship. Which is weird, because she’s been here ages. Sasha moved here after she did and I already have his. So what gives, Coco? Anyway, we hung out and I showed her around my house and all I got in return was a long underwear set. Not very useful in spring, dear!

So when I tried to put all the star fragments I’d collected into my storage, it was sadly full. And instead of pull some stuff out and make room, I decided it would be easier if I just went to Tom Nook to see about expanding my storage. I was at 2,400 and he upped it to 3,200. But it cost me 700,000 bells! Ouch! Good thing I’ve got over 10 million in the bank! And what’s crazy is that after the expansion, Tom told me they could still expand it even further! I would think I would never need that much more storage space, but I ended up filling 2,400 slots, so who’s to say I won’t eventually fill up all 3,200? Can’t even imagine how much the next expansion will cost…

I saw Robin deep in thought and when I approached her, she admitted she was thinking about spreading her wings and moving off the island. Naturally, I shut that plan down. She only just got here, and I still enjoy her superior attitude. (Also, I don’t have her picture yet!)

We also had a camper this week at the campsite, and when I popped in, I saw my old friend Astrid. Of course, she didn’t remember me. But then again, we weren’t neighbors for very long, as I recall. Heck, I can’t even remember which town I was living in at the time. So I guess I can’t really fault her for not recognizing me!

I popped into Genji’s house and found him seriously under the weather. I helped him out with some medicine even though we’ve been BFFs for a while. I already got his picture ages ago, so I don’t even care what he gives me as a thank you gift. Honestly, he doesn’t really have to give me anything!

We closed out the week with Sasha’s birthday party. I had totally forgotten his big day was coming up, because they post the notice on the bulletin board so far in advance. I had a scramble through my inventory and picked out a papa bear because he likes those kind of cute and cuddly things. It’s just not as colorful as I think Sasha prefers. Anyway, he seemed to like it, so that’s nice! Disaster averted!