Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 5/2/20

Dear Diary,

I continue to make some good progress building up Xanadu into a real destination. Even if I find some of what I need to do a little… questionable. But we had some expansions and developments and I kept a dear friend from leaving me. Busy week, so let’s get started!

You can’t tell from my knight’s helmet I crafted to wear but I enjoyed K.K. Slider’s concert of “Only Me.” I was going to request the encore he performed last week of “Stale Cupcakes,” but that song actually went on sale so I had already bought it. I figured why not hear something new and get the copy of it to play.

This week was almost a disaster where the stalk market was concerned. 103 was already a little high to be buying at so I only got 500 and that was fine. Unfortunately, the prices on my island never really went up and by the end of the week plummeted to dire levels around 60! Thankfully, one of my friends had a much better price on his island so I took a trip over there and sold them at 377 for a tidy profit of 137,000 bells! Score!

The arrival of Redd and my donation of a twinkling painting allowed Blathers to do some construction and add on a lovely new section to the museum to display all of the wonderful art I can get my hands on. Provided, of course, that it’s the genuine article. That Redd is a shady character… and as it turns out, he’s not the only one! (I’ll get to that a bit later…)

I also discovered this week that standing on the little blue dot in the center of the floor allows you to really take in the majesty of the fossils on display. (And see the frightening meteor coming to wipe them all out!) It was a good week for completing fossils, with the Pachycephalosaurus, Stegosaurus, T. Rex, and Quetzalcoatlus exhibits now finished. I think there’s only a few left now. Which means it’ll be trickier to luck into those particular missing fossils, but on the plus side, it means more fossils I can sell!

Kiki looked a bit down and when I went to talk to her she admitted she was thinking about leaving Xanadu. So I had to change her mind quickly before she decided anything. Thankfully, she seemed happy enough that I wanted her to stay, so phew. There are a few people I wouldn’t mind saying goodbye to, but Kiki isn’t one of them. Not yet!

Redd stopped by the island again this week and I was able to purchase a Basic Painting that looked genuine to my eye. Unfortunately, you don’t get to take it right away. The sly fox mails it to you the next day so you have to wait to find out if it’s authentic. Thankfully, Blathers approved it and displayed it proudly! (By the way, the art section of the museum is huge. This will take a while to complete!)

Label stopped by but while she seemed to like the goth outfit I assembled piecemeal from whatever I could scrounge out of my closet to go with the vampire coat she gave me to start with, I didn’t get a prize. I mean, she still mailed me tailor tickets to use in the shop the next day, but I didn’t get another item from the Labelle Collection. Hm. I wonder if it’s because my outfit was missing something. Like if it’s completely perfect, you get the item, but if it’s just okay, you just get the tickets.

This week I completed my new entrance to Xanadu. I crafted multiple palm tree lamps and alternated them pink and blue. Then I alternated pink and blue hydrangeas to edge the border, but as you can see from the photo, I still need a couple more blue hydrangeas to replace the purple ones. Best I could do right now as I wait for a couple more blue hybrids to pop up! Oh, and you might have also noticed my super gay pink cowboy ensemble — Once I saw that at the Able Sisters, I couldn’t wear anything else!

I checked in with Isabelle again and found out that I’d gotten Xanadu up to a four-star rating. But she still wants me to decorate more. I don’t want this place to look cluttered, so I’m going to have to figure out the bare minimum of pieces of flair to satisfy my boss.

Imagine my surprise when Genji sent me a package in the mail with a letter that read: “Get pumped, Vitamin C! I found this really awesome art thing when I was out on patrol the other night. I asked around and nobody claimed it, so I’m gifting it to you for all the awesome stuff you’re always doing for us. Stay muscular! — Genji.” Inside was a Valiant Statue, but when I tried to donate it, Blathers informed me that it was a fake! Although I suppose Genji couldn’t be trusted to know whether something was genuine or not. To be fair, it’s just a headless angel statue that looked fine to me. I suppose the real one has a head of some kind? Anyway, it looked okay so I just put it out on display because there was honestly nothing else I could do with it. I couldn’t give it away as a gift (Lopez turned it down!) or sell it to the Nooklings. I bought a trash can but instead of throwing it out I thought I’d display it because even if it isn’t real, it still looks kind of cool.

Towards the end of the week I was surprised to see a bunch of shooting stars in the sky. Isabelle hadn’t said anything about a meteor shower in her morning announcements, and I hadn’t seen Celeste around. However, during the celestial show, I did happen across Celeste and got a recipe. I even opened my gates so friends could come over and wish if they liked. One just came for a recipe from Celeste and left, but another stuck around for the stars!

As May kicked off, Mom sent me this backpack, which turned out to be pink so I totally put it on since it matched my ensemble. Her letter read: “My dear Chris, The smell of trees and freshly cut grass brings out the adventurer in me. Wandering season is upon us! I’m not sure which I like better, wandering or meandering… I’m also fond of rambling. — Mom.”

Unfortunately, I had spent all my time trying to sell my turnips and having a guest over so by the time I actually got around to talking to Nook about the May Day celebration, it was already getting dark. Luckily, he said I have until May 7 to use the ticket he left at the airport for me, so I can just go do it tomorrow or Sunday when it’s sunny out!

Having sold my turnips for a tidy sum, I was able to pay off the last bit of my loan, which honestly wasn’t that much anyway. Now I’m having Nook add yet another room to my ground floor, this time on the right hand side, I believe. The price is a bit much, but at least he’s not in any rush to get those bells paid back!

I also managed to build a bridge in one lump sum payment, which was nice. As you might recall, I wanted to have stone bridges all over the island, but instead of building another right where I had demolished the wooden bridge, and then paying to demolish the stone bridge just up the river from it, I figured I’d just build a stone bridge all the way down at the end of the river. Why have just one bridge in the middle when you can have two, one on either end? Plus, as I mentioned, this means I don’t have to pay to build a bridge and then pay some more to demolish the other one. Just space ’em out and keep ’em both!