Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 5/18/24

Chris Eades
3 min readMay 18, 2024


Dear Diary,

After all the activity of last week, I was glad when this week turned out to be much more relaxing. And while I mostly did favors that weren’t going to offer much in the way of results, I did find something new, which was a fun little surprise!

I found a bag that unfortunately belonged to Genji. So I just got a school uniform with ribbon as a reward. I had really hoped it would belong to someone like Ace, Kitt, or Robin… someone who’s been around a while and still hasn’t given me their picture. Oh well!

Not that I was happy to visit Apollo and find him under the weather, but I was glad to be able to do him a favor. At least until I remembered that he’d given me his picture ages ago. But he thanked me with an elegant hat, so… yay?

Redd parked his ship out back and normally I’m not interested in anything he’s selling but he had a siren which I have never seen before over the past four years! I’ve never seen it in Nook’s Cranny for sale, so I snatched it up here, even if it was blue (I would have preferred red or even yellow) and overpriced… But that’s Redd for ya! I went and put it in my outdoor disco as another fun lighting feature for the dance floor. That way, everyone can enjoy it.

I saw Robin thinking to herself and was afraid she was thinking about moving away. But it turned out that she had just heard someone calling me “buddy” and wanted to use it herself. Apollo came up with that one a few weeks ago, and I guess it’s spreading around the island. Still, I guess I can think of worse things to be called!

I found a book and checked in with Ace first to see if it was his and maybe score some points with the guy but unfortunately, it belonged to Apple. And when I found her, she was obsessed with also calling me “buddy” so I had to give her the okay on that before I could return her book to her and get a chef’s outfit in return. I don’t know why Ace’s picture is being so elusive but I am determined to get it one day!