Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 5/13/23

Chris Eades
3 min readMay 13


Dear Diary,

This week on Xanadu was both quiet and eventful at the same time! There were no big holidays or events but I was a good friend and discovered some new stuff!

Kicking things off I discovered that Coco was home sick. Luckily, I had just recently restocked on medicine at The Cranny, so I was able to help her out. Anything for a pal! (Although I was hoping for a picture and only got a mummy outfit…)

This week, Isabelle reported meteor showers at night during her announcements, and I was happy that I found Celeste right away as I didn’t have a whole lot of time to search for her and wish on stars that evening. And she gave me a DIY recipe for a satellite, which I didn’t already have! Score! Of course, the following day after I gathered up all my star pieces, it was pouring rain for two days so I didn’t make it for a bit.

I also helped Gulliver after he washed ashore again. I got another veil, but at least it was a yellow one, a color I didn’t already have in my inventory.

Robin invited herself over for a visit and since I had the time, I agreed to it. We cemented our friendship further by touring my home and listening to records upstairs. While she didn’t give me fruit like they usually do, she also didn’t give me her picture. Just a western shirt. But I’ll take it!

After a couple of days, the rain finally stopped and I crafted the satellite to place among all my other space stuff at the corner of my island. It doesn’t really do anything besides just float there but at least the solar panels rotate slowly so I guess that’s something…