Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 5/11/24

Chris Eades
5 min readMay 11, 2024

Dear Diary,

There was so much going on this week there’s no time to waste with an introduction — let’s just get to it!

So I swung by Camofrog’s place and found him hanging out with Lopez. And I was really starting to like Camofrog… If he knows what’s good for him, he’ll keep his paws (I know frogs don’t have paws) off my deer!

Once again, I got excited and slightly hopeful when the bag I found on the ground turned out to belong to Muffy, one of the residents who I’m not BFFs with yet. Unfortunately, my reward was not a picture, just a cardigan-shirt combo. Oh well. Next time!

Then I ran into Lopez, who was thinking about moving away again. I shut that down right quick. If anyone’s going to leave, it’s going to be Camofrog. Three’s a crowd, after all!

I was surprised to check in on Apollo and find him doing some DIY crafting of a dharma. I honestly still can’t believe that there are still DIY recipes out there that I don’t have. I mean, the regular ones. Obviously the special ones that are only available during holidays or special events I barely have any because my luck is garbage. But you’d think I’d have all the regular ones by now. It’s been years! But nope, apparently you can always learn new things!

This week I also decided to pull a shift at Happy Home Paradise and discovered some new things there, too. First off, Lottie showed me the new amiibo scanner she’d had installed in the office. So now I’m not restricted to the folks wandering the beach. I can call other folks to design vacation homes for them, too. And she also mentioned some special individuals might be in the market for a vacation getaway… maybe I should try K.K. Slider?

The other thing that I discovered new this shift was that now I can use partition walls to separate up one big space. Niko explained the whole thing and I was able to use it to design Paula’s vacation home. I could have moved it around but I actually liked it where it was — it fit with my design idea.

Paula’s request was for an “All-Night Karaoke Club,” and that’s just what I delivered. Look, I know that the screen is behind her, but I’m going to visual aesthetics here, not practicality. You’ve got the stage space, seating for the audience, plus in the separate space, a bard and seating for eating (hey, that rhymes!). And when I went to do the photo, I pulled in a few guests because now I can use the amiibo scanner to invite extra residents to hang. So I brought Ace, Sasha, and Biskit to help fill out the space and make the photo look better. I take my job seriously sometimes!

I also went back to Xanadu later that evening because Isabelle had reported we were gonna have some shooting stars that night. Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed in the DIY I got from Celeste. I was really hoping for another piece of celestial furniture but I just got a rose wand. I don’t even use those wands ever. Oh well… At least it was new!

As you might have noticed in the earlier pictures, I was originally wearing my old Eurovision design because this week is the annual song contest. Unfortunately, while the logo looks great on a sign, it doesn’t really work on a shirt because it wraps around onto itself. So I decided to make a new Eurovision design with just the heart logo and not the full name. I followed the color scheme of this year’s theme with the pink shirt with orange trim, and put the Swedish flag in the heart logo. I think it came out pretty well given my limited design skills, so if you’d like to wear it yourself, I put it up on the Custom Designs Portal, but the code is: MO-Y8MQ-9GF3-JNPP.

Towards the end of the week, Ace was in a mood but thankfully, he wasn’t thinking about moving. No, he’d just gotten into an argument with Apple. So I happily did him the favor of delivering his apology gift to her, and for some reason, she was absolutely thrilled that it was a layered shirt. Honestly, when she tried it on, the colors weren’t great on her and it was a bit plain, but it was still better than the full-body tights she was wearing before. Those were just… yikes. Unfortunately, since Apple was the one giving the reward, I didn’t get Ace’s picture, just a sleeved apron, but this had to help me along with making Ace a BFF, right? (God, I sound so needy sometimes…)

Finally, we had another camper, and while Blanche seemed pretty fabuloso (and I love her style), there’s no room on the island for her right now. She would have made a nice replacement for Robin, because it would have been more of the same, but Robin’s not going anywhere until she gives up her picture. Them’s the rules if you want to live on Xanadu!