Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 4/27/24

Chris Eades
4 min readApr 27, 2024

Dear Diary,

Remember when last week was super quiet and uneventful? Well, this week was the exact opposite of that! I learned new things, said goodbye to a friend, but made sure to find him a new place to live before he left. Let’s just get right to it!

I’m still trying to butter up Ace to get his picture, so when I received these pilot shades, I thought he would look cool in them. Unfortunately, when I stopped by his house to gift them, he was already wearing his suit of lights and bunny ears ensemble which looks a little ridiculous. And while the shades kind of went with it, it didn’t help make it look any less ridiculous. Oh well, it was worth a try!

Muffy was doing a lot of crafting this week but at the beginning, she was working on a gear tower, which turned out to be something I didn’t already know how to make! Who would’ve thunk it that after all these years I can still learn something new?

And then, a couple of days later, I found a bottle on the beach that contained another DIY recipe I didn’t know yet — a pretty tulip wreath! Which, honestly, I’m more likely to craft to put on my door than a gear tower. I mean, what are you even supposed to do with a gear tower anyway?

Later in the week, Muffy was looking all distracted and when I chatted with her, she asked if she could come over to my place. I quickly said yes, because I don’t have her picture yet so anything I can do to solidify our friendship is worth it. So she came over and hung out for a little bit and gave me a simple parka. And then the next day, she sent me a letter in the mail thanking me for having her over, but her thankyou gift was an open track jacket.

Then I had some instances where I had to do favors for my neighbors, but they were ones who I’ve known for years and are already my BFFs. Like Apple, who was sick. I gave her medicine, and she gave me a school hat.

And then when I found a book on the ground, Robin was nearby and I had my fingers crossed it was hers and I could do her the favor, but she told me it was Lopez’s. He was grateful to have it back and rewarded me with a figure skating costume.

I’ve been eager to get these pictures so that the next time they tell me they want to move, I can let them go. So when Sasha told me he was thinking of seeing the world and learning new things, I wished him well on his journey. We need some new blood on this island, so I decided I have to let people go.

But then I remembered I had that box of chocolates that I had been saving for exactly such an occasion. I should have used them before he tried to move but it turned out that since he hadn’t actually started packing up yet, it was okay and I could give him the chocolates and have him come to the island where I work so I could make him a vacation home.

I saw Leif wandering around the beach and I got excited because I thought I could make him a vacation home to stay in but nope. He just needed help finding the school where he was supposed to give a talk. And after his lecture I had the ability to use hybrid flowers as well as vegetables and such in my designs. So that’s cool.

Not that it came in handy when I went to make Sasha a vacation house. I thought it would be like his house on Xanadu, all pastels and full of cute fluffy things, but he wanted a “Moon-Shot Manor” So it was all space stuff. But he seemed to like it. And I like knowing that if I ever find myself missing this little guy, I can just hop on over to the island and pay him a visit!