Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 4/25/20

Dear Diary,

I may have made Xanadu awesome enough for K.K. Slider to visit but there’s still a lot of work yet to be done. Some are just minor tweaks, and others are larger undertakings. And I still don’t have everything I need yet, so it will take time!

On Saturday, K.K. Slider returned for another show and I just had to grab a selfie with him while he was rehearsing in the afternoon. Later that evening, once he’d started playing for real and taking requests, I asked for “K.K. Disco,” a personal favorite. After he finished, he gave me a copy of it I could play at home whenever I wanted. So awesome! Even better, you could continue asking him to play more songs, so it’s more like a proper concert and not the one-song show he did initially. Of course, you don’t get boots of the subsequent songs, you just get to enjoy them live.

This week I made sure I had plenty of bells on me and thankfully Daisy Mae had a decent starting price this time, 98 bells. I bought 800 turnips for 78,400 bells, and although I got a little nervous during the week when the prices weren’t going up too much and there was one day I couldn’t sell at all (I’ll get to that later), I was able to sell at 120 bells for 96,000. It’s only a profit of 17,600, but it’s better than losing money in the stalk market!

This week I finished the Brachiosaurus as well as the Plesiosaurus. The fossils are mostly duplicates now as I’ve completed quite a few of the specimens. Although I appreciate the bells I’m able to get by selling them off, there are still a few exhibits that need completing. Eventually!

Nicknames in Xanadu don’t seem to be as popular as they were in Geneva. Genji still calls me Vitamin C, but this week, Apple decided to come up with her own. I actually found “shmoopy” pretty funny so I told her to go ahead and call me what she likes. But the nicknames don’t seem to spread around the island like they used to before. Most of them still just call me Chris.

Label popped by for another visit and requested I show her an outdoorsy look. Obviously this picture isn’t it. No, this is after she loved my outdoorsy look and gave me a Labelle knit shirt which I then paired with my glasses and socks. (The shorts and shoes are still common.) I wanted to see what a proper Labelle look would be. Pretty snazzy!

I was surprised when Naomi told me she was thinking of moving off the island. I’d be lying though, if I said I didn’t consider it for a bit. I’m not particularly attached to her so I don’t mind if she leaves, but I feel like it’s only been a couple of weeks so I’d rather keep folks around a bit longer than that. I mean, really!

I found Gulliver washed up on my island again this week, and eventually found the parts for his phone so he could call for help. And the next day in the mail, he sent me another hat. At least the Tam-o’-shanter is kind of wearable as opposed to the others, I’m getting tired of all the hats. I want some furniture or statues or something cool!

This week it finally rained, by the way. It barely ever rains on Xanadu. The sun is nice, but it means some rare fish don’t show up as easily. The day of the storm was also unfortunately when Leif decided to set up shop in the plaza. I was so glad to see him because I’m still missing a couple of flower types on my island. Thankfully, he had mums, so I bought some of those in each color. I also bought some hedges. Leif’s arrival coincided with the beginning of the Nature Day event going on where you can get bonus Nook Miles for doing stuff like planting hedges, flowers, and other beautification projects on the island. So stuff I normally would’ve done anyway, but it’s nice to get rewarded extra for it!

The reason I couldn’t sell my turnips one day this week was because Nook’s Cranny was closed for remodeling. They’d been doing such great business that they were able to expand, but it took a day for construction to be completed. It’s a bigger store so there’s one extra item on sale a day. Unfortunately they’re not selling any different flowers yet, but they are offering more variety of wallpaper and flooring every day as well as different types of tools. I haven’t tried any of them yet because its cheaper to craft my own shovel and I doubt that a “colorful shovel” will last that much longer, honestly.

This week we had another camper, and thankfully it was just Elmer. Because I had told Naomi to stay, we don’t have any open spots in Xanadu, so if it was someone awesome like last week I would’ve been cheesed off again.

I felt bad because Opal was sick this week and I couldn’t buy her medicine because the store was shut. I tried visiting a friend’s island but his store was being remodeled as well. Sigh. Thankfully, she was able to hang on for one more day so I could finally buy her some medicine so she’d feel better!

At the end of the week, I came out of my house to find a suspicious-looking ship docked at the hidden little beach at the back of the island. I went down there and almost went in, but no one seemed to be on board and it didn’t seem like a good idea snooping around. If I got caught, it could be dangerous!

And after I ran into Redd wandering around, I think he might have done something terrible to me if he caught me on his boat. He says he’s an art dealer, and offered to sell me a twinkling painting for 498,000. Obviously I didn’t have that much on me, but also — seriously? Come on! I got him to lower his price to 4,980, which is much more reasonable. Also, Blathers had been talking about opening up an art gallery at the museum so this seemed a great way to get things started. Thankfully, when I presented the painting to Blathers, it turned out I hadn’t wasted my bells and it was a genuine work of art that he’s going to display just as soon as they construct a new addition to the museum! (Phew, because Redd is a super shady character, and he’s been known for selling fakes for years!)

The last thing I did for Xanadu this week was ask Reneigh to move. Not off the island! Just move her home to a new location. I originally wanted to have the main section for the town hall and businesses and keep the residences scattered on the outer edges. But since we couldn’t reach the outer edges when Reneigh and Genji moved here with me, they’re among the shops. Genji I like where he is because I used his Asian-inspired home as the centerpiece of my zen garden with bamboo trees and such. But Xanadu has been stuck at a three-star rating for a while and Isabelle says I need more decorations. I want to build a bandstand, but I didn’t want to put it right next to Reneigh’s house. That seemed a bit rude. So I just want to move her to the other side of the river away from the potential noise. Reneigh seemed super happy to move wherever, probably because she wasn’t footing the 50,000 bell relocation fee — I was. Sigh. This had better be worth it!

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