Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 4/21/17

Dear Diary,

Now that it’s spring, it’s apparently inspiring people to move away for some reason. Also, it’s raining a lot, which is fine because it doesn’t bother me and it means I don’t have to waste time watering wilting flowers. :) The warmer weather also inspired me to change my look (with an assist from Lopez)!

I mean, I totally get the whole spring cleaning/fresh start kind of thinking, but honestly, Nana, any town you move to is going to be much worse than Geneva. So I think you should just stop trying. Because as a cute pink monkey, I’m not likely to let you go anytime soon!

Gabi asked me to bury a time capsule for her, and as my oldest friend in this town I’m more than happy to do anything for her. (Gotta keep her happy so she doesn’t try to move away!) Of course, I immediately went to bury it near her house so I didn’t forget. If I try to save burying a time capsule until the end of my rounds, I forget 9 times out of 10. And then I feel like I’ve failed my friend. So made sure that didn’t happen this time!

I randomly decided to send Lopez a present in the mail and the next day I got this vertigo tee in response with a letter that read: “To the listless Chris, You’re giving a present to me? Thank you very much! Truth is, I’ve wanted to get this to you for a while now. I could hardly stand the wait! Keep it close to your heart! With love, Lopez.” I kind of like the design so I put it on and decided to wear it instead of my vest since it’s warmer out anyway. Also, I guess wearing the shirt means that I am keeping Lopez’s gift close to my heart. Literally!

Seems my “lil’ guy” nickname is spreading around town. Of course, Lopez can call me anything he likes and I wouldn’t bat an eye. I’d bat an eyelash to flirt, though! He’s the best!

Gabi was excited to praise me for my T-shirt design, but it only pointed out to me that I designed that gay pride tank four years ago. There’s a rainbow star on the front and the year on the back. Maybe I can go in and tweak the design so it says 2018? I should think about doing that, since pride is coming up again soon!

I guess being super nice to Gabi didn’t help because by the end of the week she tried to move away again. Sigh. As my oldest friend in this town, I can’t let her go at any point. Plus, she just gave me that time capsule to bury! She needs to stick around at least until she asks me to dig it up for her. (Not that I’m going to let her go after that, anyway!)

Sorry, folks. Weeding Day is always going to be a bust in Geneva. I never leave weeds if I can help it. (Occasionally I might not see one and it’ll grow for a few days before I spot it, but I eventually do pull it out!) So let’s just have a party instead! My treat!



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