Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 4/20/24

Chris Eades
2 min readApr 20, 2024

Dear Diary,

I was pretty busy with other things this week, so there’s not a lot to report from Xanadu this time around. I continue to fail at making good friends, and I’m still reaching for the gold… which seems crazy to me!

This week was the first Fishing Tournament for spring and I made a point of participating because while I have the gold Bug-Off trophy, I still only have the silver fishing trophy. So I did like, four or five rounds and got some repeat rewards like the anchor statue, the fish print, and the fish-print tee. But the next day? In my mailbox? Nothing. Sigh. I know I don’t always do the fishing tournaments but after all these years you’d think I would have earned enough points for a gold trophy. Maybe next time around? Of course, I thought that this time around…

Apollo came up with a new nickname for me and while I’m pretty sure someone else came up with “buddy” a long time ago and it’s since faded from memory, I let him go ahead and call me that if he wants. Let’s bring it back!

The week was honestly pretty dull and uneventful. At the end, I was walking around doing my thing and Kitt asked if I wanted to come over. Since she’s one of the animals I’m still trying to get a picture from, I quickly agreed and hung out at hers for a while. We played a game of high card-low card, but I lost. And there wasn’t any furniture of hers I wanted to buy. When I made my excuses and left, she gave me a copy of her favorite song, “Stale Cupcakes,” which was sweet. But you know what would be even sweeter? If she thanks me for the visit by mailing me her picture! Fingers crossed!