Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 4/2/22

Dear Diary,

I learned so much this week on the island! Honestly, it’s kind of crazy! Plus, I finally got that picture I was after! #Winning

Sherb kicked things off by teaching me how to make an apple tart. Then the next day, he gave me a recipe for pumpkin pound cake. He was a busy chef this week! Then later that same day I found Francine cooking and she showed me how to make a tomato bagel sandwich. I’ve never gotten two recipes in the same day before! Later in the week, I found a recipe for minestrone soup in a bottle that had washed up on the beach and then Zucker showed me how to make a cherry tart. Phew!

I found a book on the ground and was told that it likely belonged to Coco. Unfortunately, I could not find her anywhere. I even checked all the different sections of the museum and even poked my head into the airport! Nothing. I came back a little later in the day and she still wasn’t home and I was about to give up. But that evening I popped out of my house again to give it another go and I finally found her wandering around so I could return the book she’d lost. I don’t know where she was hiding, but it was really annoying. I miss the old bullhorn where you could shout someone’s name to have them respond so you knew where they were. And in the end, she gave me a bunny dress to say thanks, but it was really more about doing her the favor.

Although I guess that favor didn’t really impress her much because literally the next day she told me she was thinking about moving! Seriously? Do you have any idea how much effort I went through yesterday getting your book back to you? Ungrateful little creepy bunny… Yeah, no, you’re staying put. Sorrynotsorry!

We also had a camper early in the week and Stinky seemed pretty awesome. I guess if I’d let Coco go, he could have moved into her empty plot of land but I’m still waiting to get Sasha to move to the island. Sorry, Stinky! Maybe another time!

Cherry showed me how to make a golden meter and pipes, and then at the end of the week I found a recipe for a wooden field sign washed up in a bottle on the beach. I’ve got a lot of golden recipes I could probably try making a golden room but I don’t know if I have enough golden nuggets.

Okay, look. I know I complain about Roald being the typical sporty jock type and it’s very one-note and lame. But I noticed this week that he’s started calling people “darling” which is just kind of hilarious. I don’t know who he picked that up from (I think Francine might use that one) but it certainly wasn’t me! Good for a laugh, though!

I helped Gullivarrr out again this week and got another red pirate bandana for my troubles. Honestly, all I get off him are duplicates so I’m probably just going to leave him unconscious on the beach for someone else to deal with from now on. It’s just not worth the effort…

I had a dreamy unicorn toy I wanted to give Francine but when I walked up to her she cut me off and immediately invited me over to her place. I said sure, and after a lovely visit, she gave me her photo! Finally! I guess doing favors earns you more points than just giving presents, because I have been giving her so much crap over the past few months it’s not even funny!

Towards the end of the week, Apple gave me a DIY recipe for a festival-lantern set, but the thing is, it requires four festival lanterns, and I don’t have any of those. They’re not in my catalogue to be ordered, and I don’t have a DIY recipe to craft them. So I guess I won’t be building a festival-lantern set anytime soon! (I hate when I get recipes I can’t use because they require something I don’t have…)

At the end of the week it was feeling much more like spring because the cherry blossoms came out. The island looks so pretty! I just love them. So I changed clothes to wear a kimono just to complete the mood.

I shot down a balloon and of course there was no cherry blossom recipe inside (I’m never that lucky) but I was pleasantly surprised to find a patchwork sofa chair. Usually it’s garbage furniture you don’t even want or already have, but this one was new. I’m keeping it! (Not that I have the rest of the set, but you have to start somewhere!)

I was slightly annoyed because Flick showed up but I no longer had three yellow butterflies to give him. Because the day before, Roald wanted to buy one of the ones I had on me to replace the one he used to have (I didn’t ask him to go into details about what he did to that other yellow butterfly). I stupidly sold it to him just to be nice, but then Flick showed up and I couldn’t find a yellow butterfly anywhere! They’re usually super common but I guess not when you’re actively looking for one. I even found three of another butterfly to give him but then nabbed a yellow butterfly in the end. So I went with that. Unfortunately, Flick can only make one model at a time so I’ll just have to set the three common bluebottles aside or his next visit…

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