Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 4/18/20

Dear Diary,

This week kicked off with a couple big events, then settled into a bit of a more normal routine for the rest of the days. Although it’s still not entirely as relaxing as my last town because it’s still early days and there’s still a lot to do to get things truly livable here. But it’s all fun!

So C.J. came to host the first fishing tournament in my new home, and it’s quite a bit different than the way they used to be held in Geneva and the other towns. See, now it’s not about catching the biggest fish, but the most fish. You enter and are given three minutes to catch as many fish as possible in the time limit. Then you turn them in and get points for how well you do. You can then exchange those points for prizes. I got a fish-print tee, a marine pop wall, a fish rug, and a fish umbrella. But I had other things I had to do that day so I couldn’t spend all day fishing and getting all the other prizes. Next time! (Also, this fishing tourney was a little frustrating because it was still the Bunny Day festival preparation and you caught eggs along with the fish.) Oh, and while the first round is free, it costs 500 bells to enter each subsequent one. It’s a bit annoying, but you easily make that back when C.J. buys all the fish you caught! (So it seems kind of pointless to charge in the first place, but who am I to tell C.J. how to do business?)

Before getting down to the Bunny Day nonsense, I sought out Daisy Mae because this week I made sure to have plenty of bells on me for turnip buying. They were a bit high at 103 bells, but I bought 600 and was able to sell them at 141 later in the week for a profit of 22,800 bells. Not bad, but I earn almost that same amount multiple times a week by planting bell trees. Hey, at least I made a profit and didn’t lose my shirt!

I also chatted with Sable while I was shopping in the Able Sisters. She finally opened up to me and began talking instead of just brushing me off. She’s always a tough nut to crack, but it’s totally worth it. Now when I go in to shop I can start up a conversation and get all kinds of fun, juicy gossip from Sable and Mable!

Okay, on to Bunny Day. It finally arrived, and Zipper wanted one of every egg. No problem there, I had plenty of extras. I even had a bunch in storage just in case I needed them. But I didn’t. To my surprise, I actually had collected and crafted all of the Bunny Day DIY recipes, so he awarded me with one last challenge. I had to make a Wobbling Zipper Toy, and then he gave me the big prize, which was a recipe for a Bunny Day Wand. So that was kind of anti-climactic and not worth the effort. It’s going to be really annoying next year when I have to deal with all the eggs everywhere and I won’t actually want any of them because I’ve already crafted everything so I won’t really be participating in Bunny Day at that point.

I finally sold my last plot of land to someone and checked with Isabelle to see how the island was doing. I was up to a three-star rating, and she actually had a piece of positive feedback from K.K. Slider himself! Tom Nook was flabbergasted, and immediately reached out to the musician to invite him to come play a concert. (That’s my final resident, Opal, on the far right there, the green elephant.) Everyone gathered in front of Town Hall as K.K. Slider performed Welcome Horizons, which is a familiar tune I hear every time I get ready to visit the island. So it’s nice that he gave me a copy of it after the show so I can listen to it whenever I like. Not sure how one song constitutes a concert, but everyone seemed pretty happy with it. And he’s going to come back every Saturday evening, so that’s cool!

Now that the town is full up and K.K. Slider has performed, there’s no more actual goals to achieve as the Resident Representative. All I need to do is keep making Xanadu the best island in the world. And to help me do that, Tom Nook gave me the Island Designer app for my phone which allows me to do some terraforming of the island and also lay down paths of wood, stone, sand, and dirt. Honestly, I rather like the way my island is laid out and I’m kind of happy with it, so I don’t know that I’m actually going to do any terraforming, but I did put a little patio outside of my home. Unfortunately I don’t yet have the recipe for the patio table I want to go with the chair recipe I do have, but it’s good to have something to look forward to!

I couldn’t believe Apple was thinking about moving away. She’s barely been here for a month and she’s already bored? Well, I asked her not to leave because I actually think she’s pretty awesome and I would like to keep her around for a bit longer.

I have built all the bridges and ramps I think I want, although I’m thinking about putting in one more incline on the west side of the island to lead directly down to the beach. The thing is, I’ve been putting in stone bridges all around the island and wanted to replace the wooden bridge I made way back in the first days with a stone one. I didn’t want to demolish the bridge before building the new stone one, but I wasn’t actually able to place the stone one right next to the wooden one, which I was annoying. I had to build the stone bridge further up the river so it’s not in the middle where I actually want it. And then it cost 10,000 bells to demolish the wooden one! This is what it costs to have some kind of design consistency to the look of the island… I’m sure at some point in the future when I’ve got bells to spare, I’ll actually build another stone bridge where the wooden bridge was so I can have it the way I wanted it, but not yet!

Label popped up in the plaza again this week, looking for an everyday look. She gave me a collarless coat to start with and I went and assembled a casual easy look that ended up impressing her. I got a couple of tailor tickets and also a pair of Labelle sunglasses. Chic!

Oh, this week I also got a recipe for a palm tree lamp, and I made a couple and customized them to be pink. I made a little stone tile welcome area at the edge of my dock for visitors and put the lamps there. They don’t look as cool in the daytime, but at night, it’s like the 80s never ended here!

This week I finished four skeletons and filled up the first room in the fossil collection by finally getting the amber. I did find it a bit weird that all those exhibits covered by the glass domes just sort of popped up around the items I dug up, but I guess someone else was helping out, too. Weird that there’s no information about them, though, they’re just like, decoration or something. Oh, in addition to the amber, I finished the Deinonychus, the Dimetrodon, the Parasaurolophus, and the Spinosaurus. It’s really coming along!

Since I wasn’t spending bells on the bridges and inclines anymore, I was finally able to put a little aside for my home loan, and after paying off the back room, I agreed to let Tom Nook have a room built onto the left side of my house but found out it’s going to cost me 548,000 bells. Yikes! Each addition is like an astronomically larger sum of money so I’m afraid of what the right room will cost and absolutely terrified of how much the attic and basement are going to go for!

At the end of the week, Xanadu finally got another camper and now I almost wish I’d let Apple move away (not really!) because then I would have an open slot for Joey, who is super cute and super awesome! Those eyebrows! That diaper! He’s amazing! But at no point during our multiple conversations did he ever suggest he’d be open to moving here at some point. All he did was suggest we play a game where I could win his… baby chair, I think? Something weird like that. I didn’t guess the right suit for the card he drew, so I lost. I don’t know, maybe if I would’ve won, that would’ve inspired him to want to move here? I should’ve tried harder! Even though I don’t have a space for him on the island. But maybe he would agree to move here when a slot does open up, and he’d just sit in reserve, waiting for someone to move out? I still haven’t figured out how all of this works here. But I will!

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