Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 4/16/22

Dear Diary,

Another lovely week on Xanadu with the cherry blossoms falling all around. I got some nice surprises, but fell down on the job. Oh, and I may have made a new friend!

So it was nice and late when I finally got around to doing my errands, which meant I could get a song request from K.K. Slider. Of course, I’ve gotten all of his tunes, including the new ones he recently added, so I just told him I was feeling chill and he played Cherry and me “I Love You.” Nice. Of course, I kind of wish he wouldn’t give me boots of songs I already have, because I don’t know what to do with them. If I like the cover art, I might hang it up, but otherwise, I just sell ‘em.

Isabelle also announced that there was going to be a meteor shower that evening, and I made a bunch of wishes on the shooting stars. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find Celeste anywhere. That was disappointing. I was really hoping for a new DIY recipe…

The next day, I had a letter from Mom that included this new tissue box. Mom is so crafty! “My dear Chris,” her letter read. “Cherry-blossom petals dance upon the wind, like some kind of bizarre battalion of breeze ballerinas. A smile graces my face as I watch the petals fall. All is well until… Achoo! — Mom” Guess I got my allergies from her!

Oh, and I also got my yellow butterfly model from Flick. I put it out in my little butterfly garden area and noticed it’s getting a little bit crowded. I may have to chop down a tree or two to make space for these models so you can even move around!

Later in the week we had a camper, and I was happy to see Chevre again. She didn’t remember me, of course, but I can’t really fault her for that since I can’t even remember which of the towns I lived in when she was my neighbor!

So I found Gulliver washed ashore and I woke him up to tell him I’d find his phone pieces. Unfortunately, as I write this now, I realize that I only dug up one and then completely spaced and forgot to get the others and give them to him so he could call for help! Oops! I hope someone else came along and gave him the assistance he requires! (Or maybe his crewmates just found him themselves… either way)

I got a bunch of new cards to contact new friends, and while I didn’t get the one I really wanted (Ace), I did get Raymond’s card. I know everyone was obsessed with him for a while, so I decided to invite him to coffee to see why. And now I get it. He’s a lot of fun. He reminds me of Lopez, in fact. Of course, Lopez is way more awesome and fun. But I get why everyone fell for Raymond. Maybe one day he’ll move here. We’ll see…

I was super surprised when I shot down a balloon and found a DIY recipe for a cherry blossom bonsai. Not only did I get lucky enough to find a recipe inside a balloon, which never happens, but it was a really great recipe! Look how pretty it is! I love it!

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