Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 3/4/23

Chris Eades
4 min readMar 4


Dear Diary,

There’s a lot to talk about this week so let’s just jump right in!

So remember last week when I got frustrated that Pavé gave me a bunch of duplicate rainbow Festivale items instead of the lamp, which was the only one I still needed to complete the set? Well, my friend Rob had an extra one so he mailed it to me! Thanks, Rob! Yay!

Also, it wasn’t until I left my yard and headed down into the island that I suddenly realized that there was no snow anymore! It’s not even March and winter is already over! At least on Xanadu we got snow, as opposed to the other world where it’s just been rain. I could only really enjoy winter on the tropical island… go figure!

I was very excited to see Apollo again. Not just because he’s an old friend (not that he remembered me) but because he’s cranky and it’ll be nice not to be the only cranky resident on the island!

Coincidentally, the same day that Apollo moved in, Raymond was camping on Xanadu. I remember when everyone first moved to their desert islands, Raymond was the hot commodity, the villager everyone needed to have. I didn’t really care, but I guess I kind of get it. He’s pretty cool. Thankfully, I have his card, so if I ever decide I want him to move to Xanadu, I can just call him up!

I only learned one new DIY recipe this week and once again, it was a very generic one that I honestly thought I should have had already. But when I found Apple making a tulip crown, she gave me the recipe and I found I didn’t know this one yet!

I guess I flew to Harv’s island enough times to earn another frequent flyer reward — a DAL cap! It looks pretty nifty, and it kind of goes with my outfit so I decided to keep it on instead of sticking it in a closet or displaying it in my house. (Although I would get these rewards a lot faster if I had more places to visit…)

The first of March brought another letter from Mom, this time with a new candle set. This one’s really cute! Although her letter mentioned that “like a cheap candle, the snow is melting fast, replaced by lovely flowers and plants. Spring sure knows how to make an entrance.” However, the flowers have been around all winter and the ground right now is kind of a yucky brown. So not exactly what I’d call “lovely.”

I totally forgot this week was Coco’s birthday and Nook’s Cranny didn’t have anything for sale I thought she’d enjoy. So I went ahead and crafted her a sauna heater. She likes the earth and stones and such, so I figured I’d craft her something made from stones. Like a sauna heater! She seemed to really enjoy it, thankfully! Maybe it’s because I didn’t just buy it but I made it with love?

Gulliver also washed ashore this week and after I helped him out, he mailed me this katana set. The one I had already was black, so at least it was a different color I didn’t have already! Thanks, Gulliver! Pavé could learn a thing or two from you!

And then by the end of the week, I exited my house and was pleasantly surprised to see that the grass was already green! I don’t know if the previous day’s rain had anything to do with it, but at least Xanadu is looking pretty again. Or as my mom would say, lovely!