Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 3/30/24

Chris Eades
4 min readMar 30, 2024

Dear Diary,

This week was a complete pain in the butt. It started off well enough, doing some more work for Paradise Planning, but over on Xanadu, it’s the worst time of the year. The week leading up to Bunny Day… Ugh.

I started off the week by heading over to Paradise Planning where Lottie wanted me to take a large building and turn it into a schoolhouse for the residents. This is where I learned how to expand the size of rooms with separate width and length adjustments. Which was helpful, being able to stretch the interior of the room a bit to get another row of desks in there. A school for three students would have been pretty lame. And I named it Hillside after my childhood elementary school. I’m sentimental that way.

Before decorating the interior, I was tasked with designing the outside as well, picking the colors, including the bell. And after finishing the school, we all gathered for a group photo. The first one I snapped was a snoozer, but I got everyone to pose and that led to this much better pic. Oh, and because it was such a big job, Lottie paid me 25,000 poki for it! Now, if I only had something to spend that poki on…

Before heading home, I did a quick walk around the beach and I found a bottle with a new DIY recipe inside. This was for a vine hanging chair. Fun!

Unfortunately, back on Xanadu, Isabelle’s announcements reminded me that Bunny Day was coming up. And sure enough, I was horrified to run into Zipper T. Bunny wandering around the island. Normally, the holidays are pretty chill, but Bunny Day is super annoying because you keep finding eggs everywhere and I don’t need them anymore because I’ve already crafted every single thing there is to make with them. Most of them are okay but I like to keep my island clean which means going around every day to pick up any fallen branches and dig up any holes in the ground. But this week, two out of every three holes are going to produce eggs instead of fossils. So I had to bite my tongue and just leave them all alone, which was really hard to do every day! But trying to ignore the urge to dig up the holes was still less stress than finding all those eggs instead of fossils!

Ace told me he was thinking about moving away and I couldn’t let him go. Not just because he was one of my original friends in the first town where I lived, but because I still don’t have his picture! I’m not really sure why that is, but he’s being very withholding. Rude.

And I think karma bit him in the butt because the very next day after trying to move away, he was miserably sick. Of course I had medicine on me to give him, and I hoped that maybe this would be the good deed that finally cemented our friendship, but no. All I got was an argyle vest.

Later in the week, I found a bag on the ground and hoped that it might belong to one of the friends who haven’t given me a picture yet. But nope, it belonged to Apollo. He thanked me with a paisley bandanna, but whatever. I’ve already had his picture for ages. Not sure why he was so quick to give me his picture. He moved in well after Ace. I’ll never understand what inspires a villager to give you their picture. It’s one of the great mysteries of the world…