Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 3/19/22

Dear Diary,

I have to admit I was a little disappointed that they don’t celebrate Shamrock Day on my island. I dressed up and everything! But it was still a fun week on Xanadu learning new things, meeting new people, and getting a nice present!

I’m gonna have to check the list of K.K. Slider tracks to see if I’m missing any special ones that you have to request yourself because once again, when left to his own devices, he played an oldie. This time it was “K.K. March,” which I am not even a fan of in the first place. Oh well!

I still want to know how Lopez cooks in a frying pan at the sink but such are the mysteries of Xanadu. At least he shared his recipe for carrot scones. (Which to be honest, don’t sound like something I would like…)

I also invited Sasha back to camp again so that the next time someone moves out and we have an empty space for someone to move into the island, I can invite him to camp and get him to stay forever. This time, however, he just enjoyed himself and didn’t set me to a task like the first time. So that was nice!

I know I’ve said how I’m not a big fan of Roald because he’s like the other jocks and has a one-track mind. But when I stopped by his place and found out he was sick, I still did the right thing and offered him some of the medicine I had one me. I’m not a monster!

I didn’t have three peacock butterflies the last time Flick stopped by and it was pouring rain that day so I wasn’t going to find any anyway. But I did find a third one so that this time when he stopped by the island I was able to commission him to build a peacock butterfly model to add to my butterfly garden. Yay!

Well, St. Patrick’s Day came and I put on a flashy green ensemble and put up my door decoration for the occasion. I had originally intended to wear the shamrock outfit but I discovered I didn’t have it in my closet! I hadn’t been buying the pieces all month because I totally thought I collected them last year! Oops! Thankfully, Able Sisters still had the entire ensemble for sale so I bought it up to wear next year. Although I gotta say, even though I didn’t have the green comedian pants to go with the jacket, the shorts were even more fun! I liked my outfit!

We had another camper visit the island for a day this week, and I actually thought Agnes seemed really nice. Unfortunately, there’s no room for her on the island and I’m saving the next open space for Sasha anyway. Better luck next time, Agnes!

So I had bought an electric kick scooter at the store earlier in the week and decided to give it to Cherry as a gift. And in return, she gave me Cherry’s photo! I was so happy! It’s been a while since I’ve gotten anyone’s photo. I’ve been working on Francine for ages, it seems, but I guess she’s a tougher nut to crack. Of course, now this means that when Cherry decides to move, I might actually let her…

At the very end of the week, I found Gullivarrr on the beach and decided to do the right thing and wake him up. I even went through the trouble of diving for his stupid phone again. I’m sure I’m just going to get another duplicate item but I couldn’t just leave him laying there… My conscience, you understand!



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