Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 3/13/21

Dear Diary,

It was a little bit quiet this week on Xanadu, which I kind of appreciated since it’s been kind of busy for a while. I could use a break! Not that nothing happened — far from it!

Checking my song library I was surprised that I didn’t already have “K.K. Metal.” It’s a classic! Although I always worry that K.K. Slider is going to hurt himself singing that really fast part in the bridge!

After worrying last week there was something wrong, I was almost relieved to learn that it was just me being stupid that wasn’t letting me visit my friends’ islands. It’s been so long since I’ve traveled, I forgot that the “active” notification on my Nook Phone doesn’t necessarily mean that their gates are open. But my friend opened his gates and I had a great time visiting Montrose and seeing all the crazy stuff he’s got that I’ve never even seen before. And I got to visit Apollo, who is a friend from way back!

And Charlie even sent me an awesome Pave poster in the mail! I don’t have the card for him so I can’t get his poster for myself. It’s fabulous! He also sent a Zipper T. Bunny poster, but I put that down in the basement game room because he’s kind of scary and hanging it in my bedroom would give me nightmares!

We had a camper this week, and Violet looks pretty fabulous though we don’t have room for her on the island right now. But I hope she enjoyed her visit!

Redd came by but he was only selling fakes. I did order a shamrock rug as well as a shamrock soda from the shopping app from the seasonal section, so that’s fun. And later in the week, the Able Sisters had an entire ensemble on sale so I naturally snapped it up even though Shamrock Day isn’t until next week. I even got extra lucky when I shot down a balloon and got the DIY recipe for the shamrock wand! That never happens!

I happened to be walking around quite late at night at the end of the week, and while I didn’t happen upon any tarantulas, I did do some diving and was pleased to get a firefly squid, a sea creature I haven’t already caught. Since I have most of them, it’s rare when I come across a fish or bug that’s new to me. So I was pleased to donate something to the museum for the first time in ages and also tick another one off the list!