Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 2/10/24

Chris Eades
5 min readFeb 10, 2024

Dear Diary,

Well, I finally decided to take that job I’d heard so much about. So this was a pretty busy week… for me, anyway! Let’s jump right in!

Nook called me down to the airport to meet Lottie, who I totally remember from the last time I helped her design homes for people. Of course, like all the other animals, she has a terrible memory and didn’t remember me so I had to sit through her whole introductory spiel. But then it was time to go to work. I flew to her island to get started.

It was lovely and warm at the resort island so I didn’t mind changing into my work clothes. Our first client was Eloise, and the way it works is you sit in this charming outdoor patio with Lottie and the client so they can explain what kind of vacation house they want. Then it’s off to decorate the house with various furniture to achieve the desired goal and satisfy the client.

Thankfully, they’re pretty easy to please. Eloise wanted a relaxing reading room so I just put in a couple of bookshelves, a comfy couch, a rocking chair, some tables, a little music, and a bed for naps. topped off with some pictures and plants. Oh, the client always has a few items they need to be part of your decorating, but I found it’s actually a helpful starting point.

Upon returning home to wintry Xanadu, I received a photo in the mail welcoming me to the team at Paradise Planning. In the pic with Lottie are Niko, who is an absolutely adorable little monkey who transports you to the various islands where you decorate the homes. And the other guy is Wardell, who will sell you items from the shop in the office. You are paid in Poki, which is the island currency. They don’t use bells. So it’s like starting over as a poor person, which I haven’t been in quite some time! Of course, Wardell hasn’t been selling anything new that I’ve wanted to buy yet, so it’s not really a problem…

Of course, while setting out my Paradise Planning photo, there was a knock at the door as usual when I spend more than a couple of seconds in my house. But it was Kitt, and I thought maybe if we hung out for a bit, I’d get her picture. But no. She stayed for the briefest of time and I don’t even remember what she gave me as a present!

Robin told me she was going to move away and for a hot second I almost wished her well! But then I checked my list and I am so glad I did because I don’t have her picture yet! I totally thought I did, but I was wrong. So I changed her mind and forced her to stick around a bit longer.

The good thing about working for Paradise Planning is that it’s totally just a part-time job. Heck, it feels more like freelance. There’s no schedule or anything. When I feel like working, I can fly over and do some decorating. Like in the middle of the week when I had some extra time and decorated a Movie-Projection Palace for Friga. I didn’t bother with any niceties of a home this time. I just basically made a movie theater. I probably could have put in another row of chairs, but whatever. She was delighted by it!

Xanadu also had a camper, and Scoot is absolutely adorable… for a jock. If I hadn’t checked my list, he could have had the vacancy that Robin opened up, but since I stopped her from moving away, we’ve got no room for him right now. But I’m pretty sure I’ve got his card if I feel the need to contact him in the future!

Isabelle didn’t make an announcement, but I saw Celeste enjoying some coffee in The Roost so I went back in the evening to see if she was out. And while I did manage to get a new celestial DIY recipe off her, she wasn’t really accurate about the frequency of the shooting stars. Sure, when I saw one, I would see another right after, but then they pretty much stopped! It wasn’t much of a meteor shower that night. But I got the recipe, which is really the most important part!

And thankfully, the DIY recipe was for a Crecent-moon sofa, which I crafted the next day and placed in my celestial room. I want to see how high I can get my HRA score!

Finally, Ace gave me a new nickname. I can’t say I’m totally in love with “touchdown,” though I guess as a jock, it’s where his mind would go. But I guess it’s better than Kid-C, which is what he was calling me before. And I still haven’t gotten his picture yet, so I figure letting him call me whatever he likes should cement our friendship a bit more!