Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 2/6/21

Dear Diary,

This week wasn’t completely uneventful, but it sort of felt like the calm before the storm. Festivale is coming up and Isabelle has already started decorating for the big gay party so I thought I’d do my part!

The week started off with a letter from Mom where she enclosed this lovely embroidery she did. “My dear Chris,” she wrote. “I blow onto my icy hands to warm them… It doesn’t work, but it’s something to do. If I stitch fast enough, maybe I’ll be able to feel my fingers again. I miss the sun! — Mom.” She’s quite talented, my mom!

Then things quickly took a turn when Harry told me he was thinking about moving. I’ve grown rather fond of the surly old guy, and I didn’t want to let him go quite yet. I was kind of surprised by his decision because in the past week he’s been sending me tons of letters and the occasional present. And I even wrote back, which I hardly ever do, so I don’t know what would make him think I wouldn’t want him around!

Of course, immediately after running into Harry, I went to visit the campsite where I found Katt hanging out. He’s kind of super awesome, and for a moment I almost regretted telling Harry he should stay. But then I came to my senses. Bea just moved in and I’m still getting to know her. I don’t need another newbie at the same time!

Speaking of Bea, I was able to visit her at home to see what her decor was and it’s just the cutest little cafe! I’m not sure where she sleeps at night… in that rattan chair? Uncomfortable. But it’s an adorable set-up. Makes me not want to gift her any furniture, though, because it will just screw up this carefully-curated interior design!

I found a couple more seasonal items for sale in the Nook app, and bought this heart-shaped bouquet as well as this chocolate heart. I should probably buy another chocolate heart to give to my Valentine, Lopez, but I’ve still got time.

Also, the Nooklings started selling Festivale items at the shop this week so I picked up the stall, the stage, the confetti machine, and the parasol. The day after I snapped this pic, I also added a balloon lamp. It would be a lot more festive if this holiday didn’t happen during the winter!

At the end of the week, I found Gulliver washed ashore and I actually had a little trouble finding his five communicator parts this time. I kept digging up the manila clams! Rude. But I eventually got them and returned the parts so Gulliver can get on his way… and send me a thank-you gift! Can’t wait to see what I get!