Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 2/3/18

Dear Diary,

I like to visit my town as a way to escape from the drama in my own life, but it turns out that there are some anxieties that even the peaceful world of Animal Crossing can’t soothe. Oh well! At least there was still some fun weirdness to take my mind off things!

I kept trying to make snowmen to play bingo but I really just wasn’t any good at it this week. I’d thought I’d gotten better, but apparently not. Heck, one time I thought I was making a snowman next to another snowman and not only did I accidentally make a snowBOY, he wasn’t even made right! (Although looking at this picture, I think he’s just being a bit too picky… that looks pretty good to me!)

Oh my God, I really wish I had an open space in town for Julian to move into. A turquoise unicorn wearing a starry shirt and pink eyeshadow? Fabulous! Hell, his catchphrase was “glitter!” I’m serious! Too gay to function!

Still, as much as I wished I had space for Julian to move into my town, I’m not about to lose one of my precious monkeys to make room for the gay unicorn. Also, it wouldn’t have mattered because there has to be a slot open when they’re visiting. If I’d let Deli go, who knows who else would’ve shown up in the days (or weeks) to come!

Later in the week I finally managed to make a snowman, but his head was too big for his body because I wasn’t paying attention when I was rolling them together. That’s him on the left in this pic. The one on the right was the one I made the next day, which gave me the number I needed to finally make another bingo and get a prize (a lift chair this time, which I also already have). So I think it’s time to take a break from snowmen for a while. Heck, it’s February now so winter won’t last much longer!

I also had some bad luck with my magic machine I use to visit Geneva. See, after four years, it’s quite run down and the batteries don’t hold a charge very well if I leave all the bells and whistles running. So I have to try and scrape by as best I can. Unfortunately, one evening after work as I was touring my town and doing my duty as mayor, everything just went black all of a sudden. Usually I have a moment to make adjustments so the batteries last long enough for me to finish what I need to do, but this time it just switched right off. Which meant I had to deal with Resetti when I went back. Although it was a little better this time because he was apparently on bed rest and I got to deal with his brother, Don. He’s a bit nicer about it. And he almost seemed like he believed me when I told him my batteries died. Resetti never does. Jerk. (Because sometimes it’s actually what happened!)

Speaking of spring, it was Groundhog Day this week, and I got my Resetti model as always. You’d think she’d mix it up and give me one of Don to put next to his brother, but no. I guess Isabelle has a crate full of these things and she’s desperate to get rid of them. Too bad she can only give them out one day of the year!

I’ve been skipping the photo ops of late because after four years, how many times can you really take the same pictures? But since I’d just had to deal with the Resettis, and I got another model, I figured why not take a pic and put on my best “Why didn’t you save?!” angry face!

The week ended on an innocuous enough note, though, when Tiffany decided I needed a new nickname. “Little C” isn’t exactly new — I’ve had it before — but hey, whatever makes my favorite hooker bunny happy!



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