Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 2/25/23

Chris Eades
3 min readFeb 25, 2023


Dear Diary,

Well, the big event this week was Festivale, but I also said goodbye to one of my friends so it wasn’t all fun and confetti.

Roald told me he was thinking about moving away and since he already gave me his picture a while back, I decided to just wish him well. I wasn’t crazy about him when he first moved in because he was just another jock but he was so adorable I couldn’t get too irritated. And somehow, we became fast friends. I’ll miss him, but he’ll be fine!

That same day, we had a camper at the campsite, and I hoped it wouldn’t be anyone I wanted to move to Xanadu because Roald hasn’t actually left yet and I don’t think Nook would consider there to be an empty slot until that house was physically gone. Thankfully, Vivian wasn’t anyone I wanted to stick around! (No offense, Viv!)

Festivale is always fun, but I went and checked to see if I still needed anything. I don’t really care about the regular colored items, but I wanted to collect all the rainbow-colored Festivale merch. In the afternoon I found a couple of rainbow feathers, and I went back in the evening to try again. I did get the rainbow Festivale confetti machine, which I needed, but then I just got repeats. All I need is the lamp, but Pavé kept giving me doubles instead of that. Sigh. And I got tired of looking for rainbow feathers, so I just gave up. Maybe next year!

Later in the week, I was surprised to shoot down a balloon and actually get a DIY recipe! (Usually it’s bells, a crafting material, or lame furniture) And even better, it was for ski-slope flooring, a recipe I didn’t already have! Score!

I found a lost bag and Lopez told he it looked like an Ace kind of thing, so I was very happy to once again do a good deed for my old pal in the hopes of cementing our friendship this time around. Unfortunately, still no picture. He rewarded me with a rubber apron. Sigh.

It took a few days, but by the very end of the week, Roald’s plot of land had finally been sold. And to Apollo! He’s another of my old friends from the very first town I ever lived in! So he probably won’t remember me. But having Ace and Apollo around it’s going to feel like old times!