Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 2/18/23

Chris Eades
4 min readFeb 18, 2023

Dear Diary,

Lots of big doings this week, although just on one day in particular… my birthday! But other stuff happened, too!

I have to say I was kind of surprised when it was Roald who was waiting outside my house to bring me to my surprise party at his house. I would have expected someone like Apple, Sherb, or Genji, who have been around much longer. I didn’t realize Roald was such a close friend! Obviously I’d rather it be Lopez, but at least he was there!

I got a bunch of birthday cupcakes to share around with my friends, but I also got another cake from Mom along with her usual birthday letter. “My dear Chris,” she wrote. “Do you remember when we first met? Of course not, silly. But it was on this very day. If that’s not cause to celebrate, I don’t know what is.”

And of course, K.K. Slider was there for a special birthday concert, even though he had just shown up the day before for his regular gig. And every year I always miss seeing all the birthday cards in my mailbox until I remember that you get little birthday greetings during K.K.’s performance.

There was a note on the bulletin board warning everyone that Festivale is coming. There has been a little bit of decoration on the town hall for a bit now, but it’s good to know the actual day that Pavé is showing up!

Renée tried to move away again. I’m sorry that she doesn’t seem to like it here, but she hasn’t been on the island very long. Although admittedly, I don’t really talk to her much. Which is why she hasn’t given me her picture yet. I either need to put some effort into building this friendship so she can go after I get the picture, or else just cut her loose. Guess we’ll see how I feel the next time she tries to leave…

Valentine’s Day is kind of annoying because everyone sends me candy and flowers and it just fills up my pockets so I can’t hold anything else. And if I give them away, I just get gifts in return, which doesn’t exactly help free up pocket space! Although I did make a point of giving Lopez some candy. (Because he’d given me flowers. Wouldn’t want to accidentally give him back the same gift he’d given me… awkward!)

We also had a camper this week, and while Tiansheng seems actually kind of super awesome, we’ve got no room on the island. Also, he’s clearly sporty and we’ve already got way too many of that type hanging around. Although honestly, if I’d let Renée go, and there was an open spot, Tiansheng would be moving right in! (Maybe not, though. They always seem to want to play a game before deciding and I tend to lose those… Or else they just turn me down flat! I’m gonna start taking it personally!)

And finally, at the end of the week, I was in my house checking on something and hoped no one would invite themselves in, so sure enough, like two seconds after I walked in, Coco rang the doorbell! But I don’t have Coco’s picture yet, so it was fine. I was happy to have her come in and hang out while I did a quick pass through all the rooms to do what I needed to do. And when I was finished, she was ready to go so it all worked out perfectly!