Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 2/17/24

Chris Eades
5 min readFeb 17, 2024

Dear Diary,

This week kicked off with the Lunar New Year, and there was so much else going on over the course of these seven days that there’s no time for an introduction!

I found Robin crafting a lily crown and it seemed like such a generic DIY recipe that I was sure I already had it. But I didn’t! I do love that there are so many different DIY recipes that even now, years later, I’m still coming across new ones! (Not that I’ll ever make it, but it’s still nice to have for the collection…)

So I found this bag that turned out to belong to Apollo. Now I’ve already got his picture, so when he gave me a pair of bunny ears in gratitude, I wasn’t upset. In fact, I turned around and gave them to Ace, who was nearby, in the hopes of getting closer to getting his picture. Unfortunately, all Ace gave me was a baby romper. Sigh.

I had my fingers crossed and sure enough, that crescent-moon chair that I crafted and put in my zodiac room did the trick! I’ve been S-rank with the HHA for while now, but I was finally able to push my score over 200,000 points! Yay!

I popped into Genji’s and found him under the weather again. Of course I had medicine on me and was happy to give him some to help out. In return he gave me a cypress plant, which I then mailed to Robin to try and solidify our friendship a bit more.

This week also brought my birthday, and once again, Lopez was a no show. I mean, I totally get that Sherb would be the one to pick me up and bring me to his house for the “surprise” party because he’s one of my oldest friends on the island. But Lopez is my true BFF and I wish he’d show up to the party at least. Anyway, I took my cupcakes and gave them out to people even though I already have all the birthday stuff they give as thanks. It’s the thought that counts, right?

Mom sent me another cake for my birthday and I absolutely adore the decorations on this one. The little chick is sooooo cute! Thanks, Mom!

You might have wondered why I was dressed for Festivale on my birthday. Well, that’s because my birthday and Festivale fell on the same day this year! So it was like the whole island was celebrating me all day!

Of course, because Festivale fell on my birthday, K.K. Slider couldn’t show up for his special birthday concert so he had to come by the following day. And it’s not only nice to hear him sing “K.K. Birthday” again, I love seeing the sweet messages my friends sent for my birthday.

And then it was Valentine’s Day! Phew! I’m already exhausted and the week is only half over! I don’t need any more floral bouquets or chocolate hearts (actually, I could totally eat all the chocolate, but that would be rude) so I took all the gifts I got from everyone in the mail and went around the island to redistribute them and share the love.

That day was also Muffy’s birthday and I had bought her a fortune-telling set at Nook’s Cranny the other day because I thought she might like it. She’s slightly spooky and goth. And she did like it, so that should go a long way towards making us best friends. (I hope!)

Then Sherb told me that he was thinking about leaving and moving away. I couldn’t let him go after he threw me such a great birthday party. He and Apple are my oldest friends here. I don’t know if I can ever let him go.

And then finally, we had a camper at the end of the week. I’ve never met Norma before, but she seems nice enough. But like usual, there’s no room on the island for the camper to move in. I think that’s happened like, once in the past four years. Sorry, Norma. Hope you enjoyed your brief visit!