Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 12/7/19

Chris Eades
5 min readDec 7, 2019


Dear Diary,

Well, we’ve actually got a lot to cover this week, so no beating around the bush. I took a drastic step to fix what was wrong with Geneva, and thankfully… it worked!

At the start of the week, Rocket set up camp and I thought a giant ape in a pink space suit kind of thing would be an awesome addition to the town. Unfortunately, every time I would talk to her throughout the day, all she wanted to do was play game and steal my stuff for cheap. Sigh. Although I’m convinced that even if she had expressed interest in moving to Geneva, she wouldn’t have, since no one else ever did when I invited them.

So I decided to use my last resort to get a new townsperson, which is to rub my magic lamp and use Wisp to specifically invite someone to move in. I have a lot of magic cards, but I picked Hamphrey because… well, I mean, just look at him! He always looks angry. He’ll fit in just fine!

And of course, right after I invite Hamphrey to move to town, I run into Gabi, who tells me that she wants to try and leave again. I mean, seriously? She is my oldest friend in this town, and the only one of my original friends, so she’s not going anywhere. I really need her to stop trying. Because it’s not going to happen. Ever.

The next day, there was a plot reserved for Hamphrey’s new house, which, as expected, is right next to Tiffany’s where Nana’s home was before. Interestingly, it’s a little closer to Tiffany’s than Nana’s was, but I’m not sure why. As you can see, there’s plenty of room there on the right. Good thing I dug up those bushes to make space there!

And the day after that, Hamphrey was moving in. Yay! Now we’ve finally got 10 residents in town again. It was seriously bothering me. I’m still waiting to find out what Hamphrey’s furniture looks like because the first day it was still in boxes and every other day that week, he was out and about. Twice I found him in Re-Tail, and he even bought a shaved ice maker. Maybe he didn’t have enough furniture? Or maybe he just really likes shaved ice? We may never know!

So Anchovy called me over and told me he’d come up with a new nickname for me. The thing is, “cookie” isn’t a new nickname. I’ve had it before, and as I said at the time, I wasn’t crazy about it because it was the nickname of my former landlord who I hate for kicking us out of the apartment after just one year there so she could give it to her son. So I had no choice but to turn down that suggestion and come up with a new nickname of my own.

Yes, I went with “stud.” So what? Hey, it even caught on because by the end of the week, Tiffany was asking if she could call me that, too!

I was chatting with Pippy when she reminded me of that time capsule I buried for her ages ago and asked me to dig it up. Inside was a pop bloom tee and a letter that read: “To the future me, Who will sport this fashion in the future? I can only guess! When I used to wear this, I was always the star of every party! So shine on, lucky recipient! From stylish Pippy.” And I guess Pippy was tired of being the star because she thanked me with the shirt she’d buried. I suppose that makes me the lucky recipient?

Kevin was cute, but there was no room to invite this particular camper to move to town. Not now that Hamphrey has arrived. I also couldn’t quite figure out why he kept saying “weeweewee” but then I realized he must be one of the little pigs. Specifically the one who said that all the way home. He’s a celebrity! I should’ve gotten his autograph…

The week closed on a sour note as Quillson tried to move away. I asked him to reconsider and he thankfully agreed, because even though I found a way to get someone to move to town finally, I don’t want to go through that again for a while. If ever! So everyone’s staying put for now. Sorry!