Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 12/3/22

Dear Diary,

Well, it’s the start of a new month which brings all new surprises and adventures! This week I got lucky, added to the museum again, and made a new friend (even if it wasn’t easy)!

I always check in with my friends and open the bottles I find on the beach, but it’s been quite some time since I’ve come across a DIY recipe that I didn’t already have. So imagine my delight when a bottle that washed ashore contained a DIY recipe for a dark bamboo bath mat! Not that I’m probably ever going to craft it, but it’s nice to learn something new every now and then!

I found a bag on the ground and after asking around, discovered that it likely belonged to Ace. So once again, I was able to do a good deed for my friend from so long ago who finally came back into my life and cement our relationship even further. Still didn’t get his picture yet, but at least the checkered chesterfield coat he gave me as a thank you was a different color than the one I’m already wearing. And it’s a little more fall-like, I suppose.

When December 1 arrived, I got my monthly letter from Mom, right on schedule. “My dear Chris,” she wrote. “The house is covered in snow like a thick blanket. One that’s cold and wet… As I battle the bitter cold, I think of you and sew through the night. Stay warm, my child! — Mom.” Enclosed was another of Mom’s hand-knit sweaters, and this is probably the cutest one yet! I love the little bear on it! But I wanted to keep wearing the coat I got from Ace for a while. Sorry, Mom!

The temperatures are low but now that it’s December, I had to go do some diving to try and get one of the fish I’m missing for the museum displays. And during my diving, I ended up finding a scallop which I happily gave to Pascal when he popped up. And I got some mermaid shoes in return.

And now I know why I never caught a lobster before. First, because I never think to dive in the winter, but also because this damn thing was surprisingly fast! He led me on quite a chase… so much so that I almost considered giving up. I’m glad I didn’t because that speedy little shadow turned out to be the lobster I needed to donate to the museum!

My house will soon be covered in a blanket of snow like my Mom’s, but right now, all we’ve had is a bit of flurries. You can barely even see them in this photo I took, so of course nothing stuck to the ground. It’ll probably start piling up maybe next week.

At the very end of the week, we also had a camper and the minute Robin opened her mouth I knew I wanted her to come live here. It’s been a week and still no one has moved into Francine’s empty plot of land. And I’ll miss Francine less if I have another fab chick on the island. Of course, all Robin wanted to do was play card games for clothes at first. But eventually I got her to admit how fabulous Xanadu is and I urged her to move here. And as usual, she couldn’t make up her mind and decided to play another card game for it. I really hate when they do that because I usually lose. Thankfully it was the red/black game so I had a 50/50 chance… and this time I won! Robin moves in tomorrow! Yay!



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