Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 12/28/19

Dear Diary,

It was a busy week in Geneva, what with work to do, a birthday to celebrate, and Toy Day, so let’s not waste any more time!

The week kicked off with the Winter Solstice. It was quite dark but the aurora borealis and the glow wand Isabelle gave me helped brighten things up a bit. The Northern Lights are always so pretty.

Remember when Hamphrey moved into town and immediately wanted to bury a time capsule? Well, it was already time to dig it up, so I guess he does everything in a rush. Inside was a desert-camo tee and a letter which read: “Hey, future me! I used to care what famous people would wear, but then I got this stupid piece of clothing and stopped caring. Maybe you’ll care again in the future? It’s possible! From past Hamphrey.” Of course, as it turns out, he didn’t care about the shirt in the future because Hamphrey just passed it along to me as a thank you for helping him with this nonsense. Maybe if he left it buried longer so it was further in the future he might’ve cared more? Ah, probably not!

This week was Quillson’s birthday, and I always feel bad for people who have birthdays around Toy Day because giving gifts gets awkward. Not that it really matters, because I’m terrible at birthday gifts. Quillson was super unimpressed with the space station I wrapped up for him, though he tried to put on a smile.

The day before Toy Day, Monty told me he was planning on moving away on the first day of the new year. Seriously? You want to start 2020 by breaking my heart, Monty? Rude. And besides, nobody’s going anywhere until after Toy Day.

Tiffany was one of the two people in town who simply wouldn’t give me a single clue about what they wanted from Jingle for Toy Day, and in my constant attempts to get it out of her, I found myself getting roped into burying another time capsule for her. Sigh. Fine. I’ll help you out. But don’t come crying to me when you don’t get what you want on Toy Day!

I tried asking Anchovy and Tiffany again what they wanted the morning of Toy Day, but by that point, it was too late and everyone was just excited for Jingle to come that evening. I dug out my Santa costume pieces from the closet and found Jingle wandering around so he could pass his job onto me like all the other lazy bones who I have to help out. There were a few people I knew exactly what to give them, and a few that I knew enough to guess correctly. Unfortunately, I had three different types of wallpaper to give out and the two people who wanted wallpaper didn’t give me any additional clues so I had to guess.

And naturally, without all the clues, I wasn’t able to give everyone the gifts they wanted. I guessed correctly a couple times, but there were a few that were just stabs in the dark that completely missed. And when Tiffany gave me attitude for not giving her the right present, I just rolled my eyes. I’m not psychic, you know!

Since I didn’t have enough information to go on, a few people got the wrong gifts. Of course, if Jingle thinks he can do a better job of giving folks what they really wanted, he’s welcome to try and do it himself instead of pawning his work off on other people. I’m just saying…

The snowmen I built last week had already melted after giving me just a handful of bingo numbers so I was happy to finally find both snowballs to make another. (Usually I can only find one.) Unfortunately, I accidentally rolled the top onto the bottom before they were big enough so I built a Snowmam instead. Oops!

But weirdly, when I went and found a couple snowflakes for her, I went back and discovered that she’d completely and utterly vanished. It was so completely strange. I have no idea what happened to her. I had built her right next to the zen bench, and after running a lap around town, I went back and she was nowhere to be found. Spooky!

Hopefully, next week will be much quieter because we’ve got New Year’s Eve to enjoy. And I’ve got a terrible cold, so I need to be able to rest up beforehand!



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