Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 12/17/22

Chris Eades
4 min readDec 17, 2022


Dear Diary,

It’s always busy as you get closer to the holidays so let’s not waste any time and just jump right in!

The week kicked off with Ace feeling under the weather, so I happily gave him some of the medicine I had on me to help cement our friendship even further. And later in the week, I found a bag on the ground that turned out to be Ace’s so that helped even more. Still didn’t get a picture off him yet, though.

Now that the snow has finally stuck to the ground there are snowballs to be rolled up into Snowboys. Unfortunately, as usual, my first attempt wasn’t great. The next day I tried again, and got it just right, which is honestly the reward. Because getting another frozen table in the mail the next day isn’t that exciting.

Now that the snow is everywhere, it was time to put out the holiday decorations, especially the ones that light up. And what I loved was right after I put everything out, Sherb wandered over and just sat down in the sleigh. Weirdo.

After everything was all decorated and the island was looking particularly festive, I decided to go take a nap and have a visit to Luna to have her update the dream of Xanadu. And if anyone ever wants to visit, the dream address is DA-6259–9119–8477.

Coco was talking about leaving but I still haven’t gotten her picture, so she’s stuck here for a bit longer. Also, while I initially thought she was kind of creepy-looking, she’s kind of grown on me in a weird way.

Roald invited me over one day and I had some free time so I thought, why not? On the way out, he gifted me some blue bunny ears, which was honestly a bit odd. The next day, I found a book just laying around in the snow that turned out to be Roald’s long-lost training notebook. But again, still working on solidifying this friendship, because all I got as thanks was a down jacket. Seasonally appropriate, but still not a picture.

It took quite a few days, but eventually I saw a snowball rolling around on its own so I was finally able to catch a dung beetle and donate it to the museum. I was absolutely stunned to go over the bugs and fish I was still missing and found out I’d never actually caught a dung beetle in all this time. I just sort of assumed I’d already caught one, so I never bothered. Oops! Well, at least that’s fixed now!

And we also hosted another camper. Maddie is a good name, and she seemed really fun, but we just don’t have any room right now. Shame, because if we did, I would’ve totally invited her to stay. (Of course, I probably would’ve lost the game she wanted to play for it, since no one ever decides to move in on their own. Always so indecisive!)