Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 12/12/20

Dear Diary,

Winter finally arrived in full force, but I was able to get an important task completed before the snow mucked everything up! I also can’t seem to get anyone to move to Xanadu, even as I’m trying to keep my boyfriend from moving away! Sigh…

There wasn’t much of a crowd for K.K. Slider’s gig when I went to make a request. But me and Francine enjoyed his rendition of “K.K. Ska.” I left the choice up to the artist again, and once again he played a song I don’t already have. That can’t last much longer!

My gift from Gulliver for helping him out was this green Alpinist Hat. I guess it’s kind of cute, but it doesn’t go with my mom’s sweater or my striped bell bottoms. So into storage it goes! (Probably to be completely forgotten about…)

So I didn’t have to dig any more of the cliff away as it turned out. I did, and the incline seemed to fit, but then I realized I could build some of the cliff back and it would still fit just fine. I wasn’t standing in exactly the right spot to place the plans, I suppose. So picky… Anyway, I have plenty of bells so very quickly we reached the goal and the incline was built for easier access to the western beach! And much to my surprise, literally everyone in town showed up for the unveiling! I love seeing everyone all together like this. We should have these kind of parties more often!

We had a camper this week, and I thought Mira looked like a pretty awesome superhero bunny. So when she expressed her hesitancy to leave, I suggested she could just move here. I mean, it would all depend on who she wanted to kick out, but I was willing to give it a shot since she seemed cool. Unfortunately, just like every other camper I’ve asked, Mira had absolutely no interest in actually moving in. These campers are all talk!

And of course, the very next day, I saw Lopez looking kind of pensive so I asked him what was up. To my surprise, he was thinking about moving away! I couldn’t believe it! Naturally, I begged him to stay and he agreed. I honestly have no idea what else I can do. I talk to Lopez literally every day. And I give him presents pretty often, too. Yet he’s still not happy? What do you want from me?!?

The snow had been gently falling on Wednesday and Thursday, so by Friday, there was a nice coating on the ground and everything looked pretty winterized. I actually liked that the trees didn’t lose their leaves. And with the snow on them, they kind of look a pretty shade of turquoise. It’s nice. If a bit chilly!

I got lucky because I found two little snowballs right near each other so it was no trouble making a snowman. Er, a snowboy, technically, as he introduced himself once completed. He said he wasn’t completely perfect but he was so impressed I brought him to life he gave me a DIY recipe anyway. Looking at him, I can tell his head is a little too small. They should be about the same size, I know. But this just looks better to me.

There were also snowflakes falling around to catch and when I had enough I made the DIY that Isabelle gave me in the announcements for this snowflake wreath. Perfect for the winter season!

Since it was all wintery now, I realized I needed to finally dig up my pumpkin patch and put away all of those spooky items I’d been gathering together. I put up a little stone fence and repaved the ground so I can start collecting the frozen furniture. The snowboy I’d made gave me a recipe for a frozen counter and a large snowflake I’d need to craft it. Can’t wait to see what else there is!




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